30th Sep 2005, 08:56

Yes the gearchange is a bit slow in auto mode and I find very hesitant.

16th Oct 2005, 19:19

My VTR is a dream the car has not let me down once, it's responsive, comfortable, and most important, it's cheaper to run than most of the other manufactures in its class. This makes the car a good all rounder.

27th Oct 2005, 07:31

I've had my VTR for over a year now and to begin with I wasn't too happy with it. First thing was the gear change from 2nd to 3rd was very slow, then the ball joint went. After complaining a few times to Citroen these faults were put right and all was fine and have been since. It's a great snazzy little car and reminds me of a mini Civic Type R.

I also believe that a lot of the negative comments about the gear change could just be the driver as I found out my-self. Once you know how to really drive the car it gives great performance.

22nd Nov 2005, 15:46

C2 vtr does 0-60 in 10.8 or is it 11sec! Pathetic really, how slow the car really is. Test drove one and found my 1.6 ford focus was quicker.

25th Nov 2005, 08:15

Whatever mate! Will race you anytime in my c2.

27th Nov 2005, 11:11

C2 looks like an O.A.P car, and is very SLOW!

1st Dec 2005, 05:07

O.A.P Car, Whatever. please Try and back your comments up!

2nd Dec 2005, 18:24

I have had test drive of vtr today, glad I did, not at all jerky (as most reviews claim) proving that performance depends on how the car is driven. Found this car to be quicker i.e. pulling away at junctions than the 1.4 furio, so I am going to buy a vtr as soon as I can see the right one (colour, mileage, price etc).

5th Dec 2005, 05:34

C2 has two different engines 1.6 VTR and 1.6 VTS. First one has 110 hp and the other has 125 hp. The dealer says that the factory promises 0-60mph: VTS 8.3 sec and VTR 10.9 sec.

5th Dec 2005, 10:01

The engines themselves are exactly the same, but the vts has an up graded ecu.

9th Jan 2006, 16:49

Its like the C3. I have the C3 1.6i 16v Exclusive Sensodrive according to figures the Sensodrive does a top speed of 110mph and 0 - 62mph in 11.9secs and the C3 1.6i 16v VTR Manual does the same top speed, but does 0 62mph in 9.9 seconds.

I am happy with my car.

1st Feb 2006, 17:52

VTS engine has uprated inlet manifold as well, not just ecu upgrade.

4th Apr 2006, 13:00

Come on folks let's get the facts right!

The VTS might have the same "lump" in it as a VTR, but it's far from the same. The VTS has had the ECU remapped, the inley manifold is different, the CAM is better and finally the injection system has been improved too.

Quite different, as you can see.

11th Oct 2006, 11:48

Vts is 16v and vtr is 8v.

The guy who said a diff ecu has'nt got a clue what he's on about.

26th Aug 2007, 17:07

I bought the C2 VTR about 2 weeks ago now, and couldn't be happier. I have it in red, which polishes up a dream.

I also do dislike the gear change, but have found that if you change with the stick at 6000rpm with a mm of lift, it changes smooth.

Buying this has pretty much wiped me out, so I'm looking at doing performance mods for as little as possible, but effective gain, any ideas?

17th Dec 2008, 10:18

I got my C2 VTR from a previous owner. Initially it was very sharp. A few month later it went to snow mode and I was told from Citroen that the gearbox actuators had to be replaced. That cost me £650 to fix, and since then the car is not so sharp anymore.

Really dangerous on roundabouts as it takes time to rev up and get speedy.

Took it bk to Citroen, and they said that they reloaded the program in the ECU, but again it is slower than it was initially.

Not very happy in general.

9th Feb 2009, 14:38

Hi, I'm looking to buy the C2 VTS. Just wondering, overall does the C2 give you a good buzz when you put your foot to the floor, and is it good car to buy for a second car? How many miles to the gallon can you get? Any ideas? Thanks.

24th Apr 2009, 08:00

I have bought a C2 VTR 03, and same with the snow problem. I hope not or I will sure be selling it. It's a bit slow from when I first got it a week ago, it's fastish, but would like it to be rapid. Does anyone have any ideas to really kick it up the backside please?


14th May 2009, 10:21

There are two VTR models, a 1.4 8v, 0-60 in 12 seconds and insurance group 3, and a 1.6 16v, 0-60 in 10.5 seconds and insurance group 6.

The VTR is exactly the same mechanically as the Furio, and both the 1.4 VTR and Furio have the same running gear and basic components as the other basic models, the VTS however is a different beast underneath.

Amazing what you can find by googling! And LOL to the people who think that their 1.4s will get to 60 in 8 seconds!

15th May 2009, 09:48

In the UK, certainly, you cannot get a 1.4 VTR C2.

4th Sep 2010, 10:52

Yeah, you can buy a 1.4 VTR, just look on autotrader (UK) for example.

9.24 seconds in my 1.6 VTR, decat, induction, and a custom remap, you don't need to spend £600 on cams LOL.

14th Dec 2010, 12:34

Hi, I am new to this. I have a Saxo VTR and am selling it for a C2 VTR Sensodrive. I have purchased the C2 and pick it up in three weeks.

I just want to know, as you all seem to know more than me, am I going to notice a massive difference compared to my Saxo?

14th Nov 2011, 14:36

C2 VTR is 16v. The old Saxo VTRSs were 8v.