16th Mar 2009, 03:35

Hello! C2's in Greece don't behave differently from the ones you mentioned.

Last week I borrowed my niece's C2 for a day cos my car had to stay at the mechanic, and shut itself off 3 times. It freaked me out!!!

I was in a inclined road with a slight bend on the fast lane. No brakes and heavier steering. I had to use the hand brake and I do not remember exactly what else I did to avoid crash. My niece told me that happened to her many times as well. She took it last week to the Citroen stealer and they replaced the ignition coil for 350 euros. So this is not it.

From my experience in cars, I guess it is fuel cut-off, and that means pump or pump relay.

12th Aug 2009, 16:25

Hi all. I have Citroen C2 Sensodrive 1.4. I have to rev 3000 revs to pull off and when it does almost immediately goes into 2nd gear. Citroen said it was OK. Anyone else had similar problems? Someone said it wanted software upgrade on the gear selector.

6th Jul 2010, 01:11

My C2 cuts out when hot, and the steering is a problem too. The dealer just doesn't want to know, last time I ever buy a Citroen.

11th Oct 2010, 11:42

It's funny, I came along to this site as I've had no problem with my C2 1.4 Furio until today! As I was going to pull off from traffic lights, the car completely cut out, and when trying to restart it, would shudder as if it was going to stall, and I had no power at all in the car. I had to get it to at least 4000-5000 rpm to pull off, and the engine management light is coming on and off!!

Oh, and also the window wipers are so annoying; they seem to have a mind of their own. They come on and off, and squirt water when they like.

I've taken it to a garage, and they don't seem to be able to find the problem!

If anyone would ask me for advice, I'd say don't get a C2, they are fun small cars, but unreliable!

4th Nov 2010, 07:17

I cannot believe what I have read about Citroen until I finally decided to google it. I bought a brand new Citroen C2 3 years ago. It's done a mere 30,000 km. It had it's minor glitches, which didn't bother me too much. Recently, the steering wheel just got completely locked while I was driving, luckily at low speed. I took it in, they said it'll cost $2700 AUD to change the computer, then everything would be fine. I've managed to convince them that I should not be paying for that. So they replaced it, and guess what, within 4 weeks the same problem occurred again. This is absolutely ridiculous. Having read that someone had a serious accident as a result of steering fault. I'm not waiting for that day to make a complaint. Never would I buy another Citroen.

31st May 2011, 12:46

I have had many parts replaced on my C2, I have had a new speedo, which luckily was while it was still under warranty, I have had many parts to rectify my engine faults and now I am having problems with my central locking. I can lock the car, but I can't unlock it, with either the remote or the manual button within the car and not to mention my passenger door cannot now be opened from the inside or out.

All this and I have only 20,100 miles on the clock. I hate it, but cannot afford to buy a new car. Hmmmpppphhhh. :-(

2nd Jul 2011, 04:11

Hi all,

I have a C2, and I have had countless problems with the engine management failure. Every week without fail over the past 4 weeks, it has been in the garage. When the warning light comes on, it will rev up and speed up on its own. I have had the sensor replaced, and it still does it, there is no warning as to when it will happen as it pleases itself... I am sick of taking it into the garage, as they have tried all sorts, and the problem keeps reoccurring... Any suggestions would be appreciated.