2004 Citroen C2 VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland




Alarm sets itself off without warning after locking.

Foot brake loose & sticks if pressed too hard.

Remote locking failed.

Rear brakes scrape.

No power from engine when slowing down and setting off again quickly.

Gearbox failed completely - warning light on.

Traction control failed.

ABS failed.

Trip computer stuck.

Fuel tank lights failed.

Unknown beeping noises when setting off - dealer unable to fix.

Cabin rattles at any speed.

Unable to do a hill start due to gearbox overriding manual control and trying to set off in 3rd.

No 1st gear even in manual mode automatic takes over and changes to 2nd whether you want it to or not.

Bonnet open warning light where clock is even though it is shut - which means alarm does not work.

Gearbox numbers stuck on 0 - no idea what gear in.

All brakes had to be replaced & front suspension needed changing.

Dealer unhelpful - car has been back several times and never had all the faults fixed, still waiting for parts.

At times the car has been a death trap to drive and it should never have been returned to me until it was fixed.

General Comments:

Other than these problems car OK!

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

4th Nov 2006, 10:03

Crikey mate!! You've ended up with a right lemon!! Glad to see that other than all those millions of problems that she is still a great little car!! Happy driving!!

17th Oct 2007, 06:37



Don't out of service - Snow mode lights up, car won't start!

Dealership had car for 5 days and charged £200+ on diagnostic checks - still not fixed...

2004 Citroen C2 VTS 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Quick, fun and cheap to run, but NOT cheaply built


A few starting/cold running problems sorted out by a software update and having the fuel injection system cleaned out.

General Comments:

Good acceleration, great handling, good fuel economy, great to look at and cheap to insure etc. Am very happy with it.

And best of all?? No horrid sensodrive gear box!!!

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Review Date: 9th March, 2006

23rd Mar 2006, 16:03

I'm looking at buying a C2, but not sure what to get vtr or vts : (. Can you tell me the difference between the 2, sorry if this is a silly question, just want to make the right choice,

27th Dec 2006, 05:26

Well, the car is over two years old and has now covered 19k miles. So how is it? Still like new!! No loose trim, no rattles and all the gadgets still work fine.

It's needed two new front tyres, a service (that cost £180) and that's it. Very unlike the Saxo's I have had previously.

Engine has loosened up nicely now and is quieter and smoother than when I got it. In fact, my Dad liked it so much he bought one also, which has been fault free as well.

Maybe a few of the other guys on here have had bad luck, or that most people only post a review when they have a problem, but mines been great.

2004 Citroen C2 Furio 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Fun, But too many problems


After owning a C2 1.4 Furio for about 5 or 6 months, the engine management light came on, then it switched off after about a day or two, after having Citroen checking it, they found no problems so they had no option, but just to tell me it was a one off. After another few weeks the same problem happened again, but this time the car had lost about 90% of its power, it was very dangerous as it happened out of the blue. I was pulling out onto a roundabout and having noticed that the car had lost all power, so I decided to put my foot to the floor as there was a car coming fast round the roundabout, at this point the car only had about 5% power and with my foot to the floor the car was only traveling at about walking pace. This really worried me so I sent it back to citroen again and they still found no problms with the diagnostics, so a mechanic decided to test the car over a few days. after around 3 days or so the mechanic still found no problems and so again the car was given back to me. This happened a few more times when one time the engine cut out completely when I was travelling at about 60mph on a dual carriage way. I had to stop the car and turn the engine off and on again, the engine management light was still on, but the car had regained power. Citroen never found a problem with the car, 'so they say' and so I sold the car back to Citroen in order to pay off for the rest of the finance. I don't think ill ever buy a Citroen again.

General Comments:

The car was fun to drive and economical, but the problems was just too dangerous for me to keep the car. All Citroen could do was do diagnostic checks and say they could not find any problems, this was really poor customer service as I think they could have done a little bit more into investigating the problem. There were other minor problems too like squeaky breaks which they could not really fix. over all it was a fun car to drive when it worked, but it was dangerous and there was too many little problems and one major problem.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2005

26th May 2006, 08:38

My Citroen C2 has now been in the dealership for 13mths, they say they can find no problem with it, the light has been on and the engine has cut out on the motorway. Citroen are very unhelpful, to the point that I am going to take them to court, I am still paying the HP and insurance and have only driven the car about 10 times since purchse date.

Any comments?