22nd Jan 2007, 09:03

Sorry to hear you've had problems with your C2! I'm the original reviewer and I think it's a shame you've had these problems.

As far as the 0-60 time goes I can see where you are coming from. I think 8.3 is possible, but you have to turn off the ESP and rev to the maximum in first and second. Not pretty, but the engine likes to be revved. Shame flat out in 2nd is 59mph (that's the rev limiter) - odd eh!

As far as the build issue goes, absolutely no problems with mine, paint is good, interior is wearing very well, no marks after 20k.

16th Mar 2007, 09:00

OK, original reviewer here. First problem with the car. A minor oil leak on the engine was caused by a faulty gasket. Not bad after nearly two years though.

Mileage is no over 20k and I have seen an improvement in mpg. If you're careful on a long run (and by this I mean not revving it up to the limiter! not 50mph or anything daft like that) 46mpg is reachable. First time ever for me! Around town 37ish is my average for the daily 5 mile commute, the better weather now helping out somewhat with this.

No other problems touch wood and long may it continue!

2nd Apr 2007, 05:09

Yes, new head gasket, shame as the car has be fine other than that.

34mpg sounds right if you drive it a bit hard - I usually get 37mpg around town with a light foot. As for performance mods, I've not got any. I understand the Superchip offers 6bhp and some more torque which to be honest does not sound that great for £200...

Anyway have 21k on the clock and it looks like the rear tyres are about to need changing. If anyone is interested, an internet company offers to fit two new Michelin tyres for £150 which I think is very reasonable.

5th Aug 2007, 11:30

OK, original reviewer here again. 23k covered now, and have had to buy new rear tyres, £80 a piece fitted, so not bad for Michelin tyres, cheaper than before oddly enough!

Car is still good, stone chips on the front are shame, but seems to be a weakness of the C2. Other than that the car is like new still, everything still working and no rattles!

4th Sep 2007, 16:22

The GT and still VTS driver back again...

Had a few other niggles, but things seem better lately, only 11K miles on clock though. No stone chips to report on my wicked red VTS, my black GT was terrible though, the black paint chipped so easy and looked terrible by the time I traded it in - the reds much better.

Averaging around 35mpg which is pretty good and just swapped the wheels around as the front tyres were showing significant wear.

Still unhappy with the sloppy 2nd to 3rd gear change, Citroen say it's normal though.

Overall still enjoy buzzing around in it and upsetting cars nearly twice the proce when they can't shake me off! hehe.

29th Sep 2007, 13:48

Original reviewer here for one last time - have recently bought a C4 VTS HDi. Firstly, I still rate the C2 VTS and would recommend it to anyone, but I needed a bigger car and a diesel to boot! Interestingly, after approx 2 1/2 years it's value reduced by only £2500 which I thought was pretty good!

In the time I had the C2 the only expense other than the usual tax etc proved to be 4 new tyres and having a dent taken out, not bad really, plus Citroen have definitely overcome their unreliability gremlins (C4 has been perfect too over 1000+ miles so far).

30th Sep 2007, 10:09

I took a test drive in the C2 VTR(paddle shift model). This is a Granny's car. Each time you select a gear, it is as if the car thinks about it first, then changes gear. I must say though, it is a lovely car inside and out. If anyone is thinking of getting one, I recommend they buy the GT VTR or VTS Extra...

8th Jun 2008, 09:48

I have a C2 and at the moment its leaking diesel from engine area? Its just over 2 years old and done a lot of mileage - 59,000. Any ideas?! Or has anyone else had a similar problem?


9th Jun 2008, 17:19

HA! I only get 22MPG out of mine.

10th Jun 2008, 10:15

Does anyone know how long it should take before the c2 vts should be broke in? I have recently got one and don't feel it is as quick as is should be.

19th Jun 2008, 16:44

Hi mate...

I was one of the original posters whose VTS fell to bits...

As regards performance, mine really started to loosen up after about 5k miles; others have said anywhere between 3-8k miles.

Sold mine last October, now miss the fun factor but not the reliability (lack of)! Was quite nippy especially with a Viper induction kit and Janspeed zorst on. Sub 8 second 0-60.

25th Jul 2008, 08:37


I've had a boring C2 1.1 for 4 years now. Its done 67k miles and treated well. I had it serviced by Citroen and followed all there guidelines... until now. Took it in because the engine warning light came on and it started to misfire. I was told it was the coil pack and it would cost £167 to repair. I had it repaired and after 1 mile it began to misfire again. I'm concerned now that I will be forever taking it back and paying for more and more parts the garage get it right. I find it ironic that if the garage makes a misdiagnosis on your car you still have to pay for these extra parts and labour until they get it right. Emmph!!

25th Apr 2010, 17:09

Got a C2 VTR. It's been fine, had it for about 7 months.

It's a 2004 on a 53 plate with 70k miles; no problems whatsoever.

The gear changes with the paddles are a tiny bit slow, but unless you're ragging a manual, you'd never know!!!

And if you get it right e.g let go of the accelerator and time the paddle at the right revs; you can get it to change fast!

I love the fact I have something different; people are impressed that a little Citroen has F1 style paddles.

I like how in the morning on way to work, I can cruise in automatic and chill, and on way home from work I can rag it in paddleshift mode.

I agree Citroen don't build the best cars, but that's why they're cheap to begin with. If you're lucky and you look after your C2, you shouldn't have problems.

The only thing I don't like about my C2 VTR is the spine-breaking suspension. British roads are very bad, so if you like comfort, buy something else.

God knows why they made it so hard, you don't get any benefit. It still understeers. I miss the comfort of my 51 Civic 1.6 vtec.

Overall, plus points are it's a very nice looking car, cool to drive, nice interior, and quick. (funny when you're overtaking saloons and chavs in their 1.2 Corsas, and they're wondering how your little C2 easily beats them).

Negative points are backbreaking ride, computer doesn't know what gear to pick in auto sometimes, and some people have reliability issues, but you get this with every car, and they're no worse than Peugeots, Renaults, or any other cheap brands.

19th Jun 2010, 04:59

I have a C2 VTR, and I love it, it's cool and quick. Mine has air con, and one of the air con fans are broke, and makes a horrible clicking noise when the engine is first turned on. Your main dealer will sort this out for you for 100 quid. Apart from that, it's great.

21st Jul 2010, 05:44

I've had my C2 VTS for about 2 years... 1000 miles out of warranty, clutch and gear box fell out the bottom... totally shot to bits... had to wait 2-3 weeks for it to get fixed.

Cost £700 inc. service. Terrible customer service from the dealership... just recently have got the ESP warning light, and the engine management light comes on when I try and do any sort of acceleration... totally frustrating... especially when you're on a motorway, and it happens in the outside lane and have a Golf R32 up your backside... scary.

Love the car, but had nowt but bother with it!!!

18th Aug 2010, 13:58

Had mine now for nearly a year; it's the new model with the different interior. Done roughly 8k, but it doesn't feel as quick as the older model, as my mate had one, and I drove his, which felt more responsive.

Overall though, great handling, great brakes, nippy off the mark, great looking, sounds nice when you rev it, and cheaper than most rivals to insure.

I would recommend one!

26th Sep 2010, 09:03


I know this might sound stupid, but I have got a C2 VTS, and I have always wanted to know what VTS stands for?? Any ideas?

1st Apr 2012, 10:12

Version tres sportive (VTS) and Version tres Rapide (VTR).