2004 Citroen C2 GT 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Cheap but cheerful


After recently picking up my GT, I have started to notice that the drivers side seat likes to literally squeak when going around corners at any speed, which I have now begun to find quite annoying.

Another disappointing factor in my short ownership of this vehicle is the development of rust on the passenger side door, which is actually quite serious as it has spread the length of the door. I don't know if my C2 is the only car which has started to develop rust at this age, or if it's a common problem with this specific series of vehicle. The main factor is that it highlights the poor build quality that seems to plague all the French marques these days. I believe that this rust is caused by the lack of depth or thickness to the paint, or due to poor finishing at the factory.

Apart from these two faults, the car mechanically is fine, although I haven't owned it for a significant amount of time to really comment on this area.

I can however say that I haven't yet encountered the rear brake squeal, which many other reviewers have encountered, or problems with the gearbox or clutch setup, which seem to be quite common.

General Comments:

When on the road, the car handles with minimal body roll, with a hard ride, which is specifically uncomfortable for passengers in the back. This however is not a problem for me (being the driver :P) and is one of the reasons I chose the GT over its rivals. The front seats are comfortable, and apart from the squeak in the drivers side seat, support your body well when cornering.

The driving position takes some getting used to, being quite high for such a car. However after getting used to the position, it becomes quite comfortable and allows for good all round vision and good support for the driver.

The interior is a little bland compared to the other specifications, only available in grey and black compared to the VTR and VTS's body colored seating and VTS's drilled alloy pedal sets.

The 1.6 16v engine provides sufficient power for my driving style, I will however say that with 3 passengers the engine requires a significant increase in revs to overtake slow moving traffic, such as lorries on A and B roads.

My specific car has Citroen optional extras, which include a Citroen rally vinyl on the roof and a factory fitted white roof spoiler, which makes the car look sporty and gives it some presence on the road without being too over top.

With the obvious rust problem I have faced with the car, I am unsure if I will purchase another Citroen as the car is little over 5 years old. This however is my personal opinion, and I would recommend purchasing one if you are looking for a cheap, but sporty city car.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2009

2004 Citroen C2 GT 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Good little hatch :)


- Rear coil spring broke (1 one of them), changed by Kwikfit for £85 fitted (both of them).

Otherwise NOTHING else so far.

General Comments:

I've got a black GT and I've bought it this year (09), 43000 miles on the clock, apart from the coil spring problem, I have nothing to complaint about.

Well, this car looks great from the outside, it has a sporty look, and very attractive as well.

However, the inside it's a bit simple, the seats are good and comfortable, the driving position is good too.

Performance wise, the car is really good and fast for a 1.6, acceleration is amazing with a good fuel economy, being a normal driver my average is:

- Motorway: 45 mpg

- Motorway + urban: 39 mpg

- Urban = 33.9 to 34.8 mpg. Even if I push hard I'm not getting less than that.

The car drives and handles really well, but sometimes the "over" power assisted steering wheel does affect the driving experience because it's too light.

Otherwise a good little hatch.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2009