2004 Citroen C2 LX 1.1 petrol from Malta


Awesome feeling!!!


Since the car has been at me for only a week, I have nothing to report as for problems. How ever my friends have signaled at the fact of limited space for rear passengers.

General Comments:

As I tool the car out of the Citroen dealership I immediately realized how comfortable driving this car is going to be, the steering is light as a feather, seats are comfortable and the extras are incredible for a car in this price range.

The first thing that people pointed out was the awesome rev counter display.

The next point is the good performance for an 1.1 engine. The car is very nippy and travels well at 80/100 km/hr with ease, since it is very light.

Finally safety and costs. I immediately asked for an alarm, which is a very good idea and the alarms given are one of the best I have ever seen. Fuel is very reasonable at 46-48 mpg. Couldn't ask for more.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2005

2004 Citroen C2 GT 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A great car, fun to drive and well worth the money


The car has problems starting first time in cold conditions. I wouldn't have expected this for a car only 4 months old.

The fuel gauger on the dashboard is incorrect. I filled my car up the brink and only 5 of the 6 lights were displayed. I've been told by my dealer that this needs realigning and that I obviously have more petrol than is being shown.

General Comments:

The handling of this car is excellent, the best I have come across so far and you can quickly get a feel of what the car is all about.

In my opinion the car is at it's best from a standing position (eg at traffic lights) Where you can really put your foot down and pass most cars without effort.

The interior is really nice, The seats and steering wheel have a nice feel to them and there's plenty of space for two people. Space in the back however is very cramped for a third and fourth passenger.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2004

23rd Dec 2004, 07:50

I've had my C2 VTR for just over a year and I've experienced the same problems with the fuel gauge. It's been to the dealer 7 times, the first six times they denied there was a problem even though it seemed blatantly obvious to me. No amount of re calibrating or running diagnostics fixes the problem. Having taken the car to a different dealer I have discovered that this is a common problem and software version 39.1 (due out soon) will fix this. Keep pestering your dealer!

15th Apr 2006, 14:10

I've had my GT two years, and had endless trouble with it. Mainly ball joints, lack of power, rattling from the engine, and today I pressure washed it and the rear spring snapped right in front of me. It's the last one I'll buy.

2004 Citroen C2 VTS 1.6 from UK and Ireland




I have had no faults as of yet. So pretty pleased with reliability so far.

General Comments:

The car is quick hits 60 in low 8 sec. But doesn't have the acceleration to 60mph/100mph as my previous car Punto hgt. Hgt was FAR faster, it was in group insurance 14/15 and a 1.8 16v.

Other than that it is a pleasant drive and quite easily sees off plenty of cars.

Not as many gadgets as my old hgt also. Miss my HGT.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

9th Nov 2004, 13:18

Well, yes, okay, but your issues with the car are basic traits rather than faults.

If the car isn't fast enough or had an interior you couldn't get on with then why did you buy it?

5th Apr 2005, 15:50

I have tried both: HGT and C2VTS. Both of them represent the new generation of street racers. HGT replaces the Punto GT and C2vts the Saxo vts. Now I think what you are trying to say is that C2VTS lacks the "Italian race feeling" of HGT, but it is not slower than the HGT. You must try C2 after 15,000 km where the engine shows what it can do. HGT it has more space, but it is not as good as the C2vts in handling. C2vts is made to go fast into the corner and get out even faster. Also the feeling you get from the steering wheel is amazing: as driving a kart. Good value for money, but probably it needs 5bhp more...