5th Jun 2005, 15:49

C2 VTS... Well I love mine, it looks the business without being over the top, its nippy, handles nicely, & you can park it in so many places other drivers could only dream about!

11th Dec 2005, 13:28

The c2 vts is quicker on paper to 60 by.3 seconds and the punto hgt is quicker top end by 1mph so it really depends on the driving. I own a c2 vts and personally I think it is far better looking than a punto as does everyone I know, and is practically a brand new car where the punto has been around since I can remember. I am more than happy with my c2 vts and certainly wouldn't consider swapping it for a punto!

29th Jul 2007, 06:06

Why would you mod a C2 VTS, and then say it's faster than a standard HGT Punto? That's not what Citroen put out.

I'm after a C2 VTS, but I'm unsure as the safety issues have made the little VTS put on weight.

What Citroen needs is to put a 2 litre engine in upcoming sporty hatchbacks, while looking at keeping the price right for younger drivers.

19th Dec 2007, 12:55

Yes, but that's the whole point; that its only a 1.6 so its reasonably cheap and its possible to insure for younger lads like me. I have raced an hgt and yes, he was pulling up on straights, but was completely outclassed around the bends.

10th Jun 2008, 07:34

The Punto HGT has 133bhp stock, but as said above pushes 140-150bhp stock, also weighs less than the C2 VTS, and has more torque. So yes it's quicker! "BUT" they have HIGH insurance, group 15 I think; also fuel consumption is POOR, and oil consumption is high.

So what would I choose? The C2 VTS.

13th Jun 2008, 04:59

Faster, big deal! Look at the high insurance group, and the fuel economy, and it's a Fiat!

16th Jul 2008, 07:00

So whoever it was who reckons that cos the HGT's 0-60 is 8.3 because it is actually recorded at 62 thinks that that extra 2 mph is going to make 0.7 second difference!!But anyway, how can anyone under the age of 25 even get insured, never mine afford it, on the punto that is the same insurance group as a 2.5 litre BMW 3 series!! A slightly quicker 60-100 time on the punto, simply cannot justify the its half as good looks or double the insurance.

24th Jul 2008, 05:25

I am a qualified racing driver, I clock times for various cars around various tracks and I am afraid, Punto drivers, that across all varieties of tracks (long straights, tights turns...) the C2 VTS was in fact quicker, lapping at a good few seconds lower in some cases. And personally I would choose the VTS, not just for the better performance, but also for style, comfort, safety and so on...

24th Jul 2008, 12:22

The Punto has a far superior bhp/ton and torque/ton than the C2 VTS. (it has a lower kerb weight and more power) from its 1.8 twin cam engine. In a straight line the HGT will be quicker, around a track who knows.. and WHO CARES!!!

24th Jul 2008, 19:04

Look guys, the VTS is the better car. However if you want something to beat it and all the competition, get a Ford Fiesta ST.

The Citroen beats the Punto round the track, but as shown by those good fellows at Top Gear, the Ford tops the Citroen with a fat Jezza inside.

25th Jul 2008, 05:08

Ha at last comment, you really think the fiesta st is better than all the competition? yes it is beter than other warm hatches I agree.

28th Jul 2008, 07:33

Guys, yes the Fiesta is faster even with a fat Jezza behind the wheel, and I think it matches the C2's style as well, but once again the killer comes in the form of insurance; it is in the teens, which puts it out of the competition for general target customer, younger drivers.

29th Sep 2008, 07:07

Do not get a C2. They're no good. I've just got rid of mine cos it kept breaking down, so I went out and got a Focus 1.8 Zetec, and it's much better and very fast. I beat C2 VTS all day long.

4th Oct 2008, 13:49

Must of been a friday car brotha!

13th Jan 2012, 09:52

I own a C2 VTS and it's great! It'll be much cheaper to run than the silly Punto others have spoke of; it's better looking and will handle much better. The C2 interior is very cool as well; the Fiat looks like a 12 year old designed it and made it from melted toys... it's so bad!

And let's be honest, it's a Fiat, so it is 100% likely to fall apart and break down all the time, and all the Fiat owners know it. And what does Fiat stand for... fix it again tomorrow.

21st Nov 2013, 05:05

Citroen owners complaining about Italian reliability? Oh the irony.

Neither the HGT or the C2 are what you call fast, and it is very entertaining reading comments from those who think they are.