2004 Citroen C3 Desire 1.4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Economy - both fuel consumption and purchase price


Only bug was that once, when starting it got confused when I pressed the accelerator. The electric power steering became disabled until re-started.

General Comments:

Best car I have ever purchased. Very economical (65-70 mpg average) and very quiet for a diesel. Performance is good and road holding fine - the variable power steering makes parking really easy. Everyone says it looks good with its unusual egg shape with a hint of a 2CV about it. The air-con is very efficient and quick to cool. It was also the cheapest of all the alternative makes and models. I worry a little that all the electronics may one day go wrong, but I am extremely impressed with the 70hp turbo diesel engine.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2004

26th Jan 2005, 05:55

My neighbor just had a CA54 reg C3 1.4HDi Desire on 24/1/05. He said its nice and quiet, but not so powerful as his Saxo 1.1i Desire.

24th Jul 2005, 09:40

I've just brought a citroen1.4 desire 5door been reading other peoples comments hope I don't get same problemss as all you say you get its my very first car new driver.

28th Jan 2006, 09:45

I Have had an 03 Citroen C3 1.4 HDi desire since april 2005, the car has been fantastic to drive, slight niggle with electronics specifically the button operated child locks, when first operated and tested doors the child locks worked fine, until 30 minutes or so later on A9 at 65-70mph when my 3 year old daughter opened the door from the inside (child lock still switched on). software download cured this before any serious incidents occurred. nippy 1.4 Diesel engine is good in town, not going to be a tyre burner by any manner of means, but certainly a reasonable budget diesel car. Have now moved on to a C5, hopefully will have as many trouble free miles with that. hmmmm.

2004 Citroen C3 SX 1.4i from Colombia


An ultra high cost city car


The car has several noises, and were fixed by the dealer in a called ¨noise campaign¨ but they could not fix the problem, but trying to fix them, they disadjusted the brakes.

The tachometer sometimes does not show the real RPMS and dissapears from view.

General Comments:

The materials are very cheap. When you touch the plastic parts you feel it is going to break.

The car is under-powered and for a country like Colombia is not recommended because it wont take you anywhere. Don't try to drive in the mountains or you will feel in an old car. Good for the city and for one person, gas mileage adequate.

Noisy car not designed for these countries.

Very bad dealer, they promise equipment that the car doesn't have and promise to install it after purchase.They don't do it

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Review Date: 26th May, 2004

2004 Citroen C3 SX 1.4 hdi from UK and Ireland


Value for money


A lovely little car you could do a lot worse for your money.

The handerling is firm, but relaxed, the wide tyres stick to the road very well.

Engine wise, the little turbo diesel engine is a peach, lots of bottom end and a very good turn of speed, and best of all very cheap to run.

The only let down of the c3 is the cheap plastics used inside.

General Comments:

This would be a great car if only citroen would spend a bit more on he plastics inside.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004