24th Feb 2006, 13:24

I'm also the owner of a citreon c3, having only had the car three weeks, it broke down and I had to have a new starter motor and battery, three months on its broke down again only now I have big problems, both sets of my keys are not registering for my car. What can they do, they don't know! Four months I've had the car & I love everything about it if only it worked! now I'm taking the problem further.

31st Jan 2007, 03:25

For the last few days I've been reading comments from Citroen drivers. All have been okay to really BAD comments. It's strange because all the complaints about the car are the same: gearbox sensor failure, ECU failure, loss of power steering, digital panel failure, etc. Every Citroen C3 owner have all complained about how their car spent more time in the garage than on the road. Being a Citroen C3 owner of less than a month, sadly, I'm having the same problems! With all the similar complaints and problems with the Citroen C3, isn't it about time that this vehicle be considered for a recall?? Surely Citroen wouldn't think of waiting for someone to get seriously hurt in a Citroen C3 due to failures in the car that most C3 owners have experienced? I hope not...

23rd Nov 2009, 14:45

I am so cheesed off with my wife's C3. It's a 2004 with only 12000 miles on the clock. She has had it for less than 6 months when the engine management light came on but she managed to limp the half a mile home. The following day she started it and the light stayed off. Good we thought, half hour later it came back on again. Took it to a Citroen garage who checked it out and said it was the coil pack playing up and would take an hour to replace at 144 pounds.

OK we thought, do it, went to pick the car up and drove 200 yards before the light came back on. A quick u-turn back to the garage, another check and oh what a surprise, the number 4 injector is broken. We can replace that for you. Another 85 pounds thank you very much.

Guess what, on the way home the management light came on again, only this time the car keeps stalling!!! GOODBYE CITROEN!