2006 Citroen C4 VTS coupe 2 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Unique and refreshing


The only little problem I have had is that the hatch sticks closed, it's due for a service so it will get a easy adjustment then.

General Comments:

It has a very tall first gear ratio so my girlfriend really rides the clutch when shes driving. Handles superbly on smooth roads, but experiences pronounced steering kickback on rough roads. Very good heat/cool air conditioning. Lights like no other car I have ever driven, amazing!

For the price I feel that it is more than competitive with its rivals.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2007

14th Feb 2007, 12:40

Perhaps citroen will pull its image back together with these new models.

27th Feb 2007, 13:20

I think that the C4 is definitely value for money in comparison with its rivals. There are not many cars that give you as much for your money as the C4, and that goes from the entry model to the VTS. Also, has anyone thought of or had their diesel C4 remapped. If so, details please.

2nd Mar 2007, 20:47

The harsh ride can be down to a few things; either the wheels, if you have the 17" ones, or the known issue of rear suspension bushes and occasionally damper failure. It's a known issue that Citroen should be able to fix for you under warranty. But if you have the VTS, a rough ride is expected due to the stiffer suspension.

And on the remap, I know people who have had it done. The UK forum is over at http://c4owners.co.uk/

You can speak to owners who have had problems and had remaps etc done. We can also offer discounts to people who join up and pay the £10 fee, ranging from 20% off a remap, so about a £45 discount.

Also discounts on official Citroen items. A coupe spoiler for £130 for example, instead of the usually near £200. All supplied by a Citroen dealer; you can even pick them up from them. Just what we take in members fees goes towards helping you guys (the owners) out. Best way to get advice about any problems with a car, is to speak to a collective group about it, who have suffered from the problems before, and have an idea of how to fix it.

9th Jul 2007, 02:10

I have experienced many problems with my C4, although I liked it very much.

My first problem was a leak in the gear box.

When removing the engine, they found a defect in the water pump.

Many fault messages: speed control faulty, pollution faulty, engine control faulty.

Finally I finish with a bearing in the rear wheel.

Besides that, water is coming out from the AC near my legs.

If anyone experienced the same problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.


My car has done 38400 KM.

2006 Citroen C4 VTR+ 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Not as impressed after one month as I had expected to have been


Noisy front wipers- at the 1000 mile post delivery service the local Citroen dealer put some grease on the wipers, but the noise continued- with wipers not clearing the water properly. Took it back today, and was charged for a new wiper (as I was told it was wear and tear and not covered under the warranty). The car is just a month old!

Fuel consumption not as good as previous same sized engine Renault Megane - about 38pmg, whereas the Megane did 45mpg on exactly the same weekly journeys.

Car seems to 'creep' at about 12-15mph when foot is off the accelerator- and I have to use the brakes to slow down - have yet to see how far it would move along a flat road before it stopped without resorting to the brakes!

General Comments:

The 'economy mode' is a little bizarre- all the electrics- including radio and electric windows turn off when the ignition has been turned off for several minutes. However if you are stuck in a stationary traffic jam, the ignition has to be continually turned on to get traffic reports!

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Review Date: 4th December, 2006

16th Dec 2006, 14:47

I'm confused as to what you have. Is it petrol or diesel. I have 1.6 hdi (110) and get 58.6, it's country roads and I aint the slowest of drivers!!!

4th Feb 2007, 03:57

Fuel consumption will improve when engine and running gear has been run in. If it's a diesel it doesn't reach peak performance and economy until 5000 km.

16th Feb 2007, 16:10

It will creep that's the torque at idle revs pulling the car along most cars you will find do this.

My old cars did this as well including a Fiat Brava.

Its completely normal. Just if you can move off without using the accelerator then it makes sense that the car can continue to move once the accelerator is all the way up.