2006 Citroen C4 Coupe VTR 1.6 petrol from Romania


Lived up to my expectations and worth the money


None so far.

General Comments:

Handles great as in it meets my expectations, I wasn't looking for a sportscar to fool around, just a nice 2-person car with some guts. In hindsight I am glad I haven't gone for the 1.6 110 hp diesel version, for an admittedly significant reduction in fuel consumption you get the same agility, somewhat worse handling in the bends and an additional 2000 euros on the pricetag.

The VTR+ 138 hp diesel one, now THAT would have been a nice car to own, unfortunately it's 4000 euros over this one in its basic version, and you just HAVE to have the parking assist, the swivelly xenon headlamps, the glass roof and all the other goodies which would bring the DDP price to over 20.000 euros.

I've managed to get my 1.6 VTR with alloy wheels, side airbags and CD player thrown in for free, plus two zone climate control and metallic paint as ordered optionals for 14.200 euros DDP, which IMO is a great bargain. I only regret not ordering the transparent roof, `twas an extra 500.

On to the car now, it is competent on rough roads (we have plenty around), windy roads, straight roads and the autobahn. comfortable, plenty of room inside for two people, getting slightly crammed if you accommodate four.

The huge doors are a headache in tight parking spots and the garage, same for backwards visibility, I find myself using the side mirrors A LOT. The coupe's looks more than make up for these inconveniences, though.

Fuel consumption, I'm having a hard time hitting the 9.5 l/100 km published for city driving, mostly it's about 10.5 peaking at 12 if you really push her. Highway it's about 5.5 @ 90 kph and 6.5 @ 130 kph, so no complaints there. You can easily get 900 kilometers worth of range from the 60-liter tank.

The gearbox is a bit on the short side, at 130 kph you're doing ~4000 rpm, that's about the highest speed that's practical in this car, any faster and the noise goes up, the fuel consumption goes up, and I bet engine life takes a dive too. So 130+ speeds are for short dashes only, overtakes and the like. Speaking of overtaking, it does well in this area, this is where the short gearbox really helps, floor it in fourth at 90-100 kph and the car lunges forward.

What else? The CD player is OK, radio idem, ergonomy A+, looks AAA++, it really is a head turner, adequate boot space (for two people), perfect reliability so far (although after only 5000 kilometers you can't really tell).

Some discrete rattles and squeaks have been acquired on and manifesting themselves on romania's nice cattle-trails that stand for regional roads. Quiet inside, virtually vibration free idle and city running (if the roadway cooperates), in fact a fellow diesel driver was under considerable distress every time he came to a halt at the stoplights, as it looked to him that the engine had stalled. A look under the car revealed sturdy, beefy construction.

Costs on the high side, both check-ups and spare parts, but hey, anything for my other significant other.

Dealer was nice, young friendly people eager for a sale, but not willing to sacrifice courtesy and with enough common sense to avoid pushing me into a decision, a thing that I hate with all my heart, and which always finally gets the exact opposite reaction out of me. The service - herding them along is one of my old childhood friends, pleasant surprise.

Overall I'd say an inspired acquisition.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2006

19th Jul 2006, 13:55

Good review - some of the rattles that developed are possibly known rattles that all the cars suffer from - usually one of the sections of the door that rattles, and there's a known fix for it.

However, do they not have the VTR+ spec there? Which is basically everything you paid extra for, but slightly cheaper to buy anyways, since climate etc is standard on them, so are the alloy wheels, and a few other nice little things - auto lights, wipers etc.

Glad the cars been good for you though. The 1.6 petrol engine is the same used in the 106GTi / Saxo VTS, and it's revvy by nature. Loudness isn't too bad, but it'll happily sit at 160kph+ all day. Had mine past the 190kph mark numerous times with no problem. The engine is a little noisy, but the car was alright. Fuel consumption obviously dropped, but I wanted to see what the car was capable of.

But the engine, when fitted to other cars, the limit was nearer the 8000rpm mark, so don't worry about it doing 6000rpm a lot. I don't, and with it being a new car, it's better to drive it hard from new. Ends up as a more powerful engine actually.

2006 Citroen C4 HD diesel 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Performs well, parts back up atrocious


Almost immediately I bought it, the glove box locked up on me. I returned to the main dealer and they told me that they needed a part. They asked me if I wanted it left closed or broken open I said that I wanted it closed. They broke it open and I was left with a glove box flapping open, (but not told). Several staff now tell me that they have ordered the part, but all say they have no way of chasing it because 'it is back order'. It's been over two months now and no prospect of getting the part. Apparently any part that is not a 'regular part' is placed on back order and is not even manufactured until Citroen have enough orders for a run. Estimates given to me range from three weeks (long gone) to six months.

General Comments:

The car is a light, lively & nippy performer. On the whole I am happy with it. The diesel engine gives a sparky performance around town and the mpg is fantastic in comparison with my Accord petrol 2 litre. My petrol bill has halved.

I am unsure of the quality of the interior finish for the seats and side doors. I am concerned that the cloth & trim fabric might show signs of wear too easily. On the whole the car does not have the build quality of a Honda Accord or Civic (more bucks), but is a match for a Jazz or a Focus which is about the same size car. The gadgets are great, especially the ability to get instant read outs on current MPG and average MPG. I get 49 mpg average, and I am stuck in traffic every weekday morning.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2006

22nd Sep 2006, 23:40

Regarding the glovebox, I would take it to another Citroen dealer. I commented on this on my review:


Basically they 'took the lid off' and realigned the lock. Fixed in 10 minutes.

2006 Citroen C4 VTS 2.0 lt petrol from UK and Ireland


Great to drive, but the faults on mine have taken the shine off having bought this car new


Took collection of my brand new c4 v.t.s. and the lumbar support was broken on collection.

Loud bang, power steering failure within one hour from collection.

Citroen assist failed to provide me with a vehicle.

Car repaired next day returned to me with a deep scratch on rev counter cover.

Rear wiper arm broke.

Spoiler surface blistering.

Steering shudder during breaking due to oil leak from blown engine gasket, oil running down on to wheels.

Car back at dealers engine stripped down, new engine block on order.

Bought the car on 09/03/06, had driven it only until 29/03/06, have not seen it since, and it is now 14/04/06 and have not been given clear indication as to when it will be ready.

General Comments:

When I had it it was a pleasure to drive with good handling especially when cornering on winding roads.

The seats are very comfortable and hold you in position.

The interior build quality, appearance is second to none, although the glove compartment door is flimsey.

Rear view is limited due to the bar across back window.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2006

30th Jun 2006, 08:00

Well, apart from the chance of the care being faulty, I would place my bet money on you being the main reason of the engine failure. I mean, a sports car is not infailible, and just because you have a 170BHP car doesn't mean you should always go at 7000rpm. It's not the car that makes a pilot / driver.