23rd Jul 2006, 15:07

Well, they DID have the VTR+ spec, unfortunately their pricing was the exact opposite of what you said, it was actually cheaper to buy a VTR and spec it up to VTR+ level, so they got rid of it and introduced a new one, "Urban Jungle" which is basically a VTR loaded with the goodies I ordered on mine and about 400 euros cheaper. They put up this new offer two weeks after I ordered mine. yes, I cursed them for that.

As for the engine, I had the opportunity to rev it up to 6000 rpm on the autobahn in Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic (shhh, don't tell on me), 180+ kph, but IMO the car isn't "at home" at those parameters. The ride's rock solid, but the engine feels like a junior league playing with the pros. with some success I might add, I was (almost) able to keep up with my pal's Honda Accord diesel, 143 bhp, under 100 kph I could stay glued to his tail IF I floored it through 5000 rpm, over 100 kph and he would leave me in the dust every time he floored it, especially uphill.

On the plus side, that 60 liter tank really, really helps, I was able to get from Timisoara, Western Romania to somewhere near Jihlava in the Czech Republic, on a tankful. Almost 800 kilometers with about 100 to spare, and this without trying to go economic, 7.3 l/100 over a 1900 km trip with two people and their luggage, three tank fills. Theoretically, if one could find a human able to hold it in and drive without rest for twenty hours at 90 kph, you could almost cross Europe in this car. Get the diesel and you're really talking about RANGE then, 2000 kilometers on a tank of diesel fuel is believable, although you would have to be a cold war SAC b-52 driver to be able to stand twenty hours of turbodiesel drone.

28th Jul 2006, 12:43

Turbodiesel drone? What are you talking about?

The engine on my 2.0HDi VTS is silent, and I spend all, the time on motorways, or autobahns, whatever you like to call them.

12th Aug 2006, 06:59

I agree with the last comment what noise?? my 1600HDI VTR+ is quieter than the Lexus that I owned and does 600 to 720 miles on a tank, not bad hey?

An auto is now available tried a test drive and thought that it drove better than the manual, definitely pulled away from rest better.

Good motor all round.

16th Aug 2006, 03:40

While I agree that it's quiet FOR A DIESEL and even quieter than some petrol cars, I can definitely hear (& feel) it at highway speeds whereas the 1.6 petrol is inaudible under about 4000 rpm and vibration free below 5000. again, this is my SUBJECTIVE perception of the noise & vibration levels of the two engines, so feel free to have a different opinion, but don't pick on me for doing the same.

5th Nov 2006, 09:13

When you're talking about the noise it probably depends what model you have. I've got a vtr+ and had extras, one of them being the laminated/acoustic glass. You really wouldn't know you were driving a diesel. I'm also confused about the spoiler. My one is coloured coded (which I obviously chose), we debated at the garage and came to the conclusion that the colour one is nicer. Yes the promo stuff has the black one, but the doesn't necessarily make it nicer. It's maybe okay if your car is black!!! I also passed a white one the other day and noted that they had also opted for a colour coded spoiler. I hadn't reckoned on the coupe looking good in white, but I was pleasantly surprised!!! A black spoiler wouldn't have looked so good. It depends what you prefer, but I did hear one comment which was that maybe some people had not got a colour coded one as it was cheaper to buy it in black. I found this to be rather amusing. I think however it is a personal choice and really depends on the colour of your car.