22nd Sep 2006, 23:31

Totally agree with the last comment. Car's brilliant. It's over 3500 Kilometres now.

The speedometer being in the middle of the dashboard is excellent. I find that I can still see the road quite clearly peripherally, as opposed to viewing a speedometer directly behind a steering wheel. Someone commented that they didn't like the feature, but it is also good for passengers to know what speed the car is doing. A responsible driver won't travel at a speed that is uncomfortable or life-threatening for their passengers.

Today I drove 150 Kms with the air conditioner going in 5th gear and she hardly used any fuel. My old car used to drink fuel like it was going out of fashion when the AC was on.

Nothing wrong with her so far. :-)

14th Jan 2007, 21:02

Just had my 12 month service. I rang to book the service and was quoted $AUD 300.00 approx. Here are the results:

She (the car) went in at 4500kms.

Perform 12 month service, check over, road test and global test. All OK.

1 oil filter at $AUD 34.47.

Total for job = 143.72

GST at 10% (VAT in UK) = 14.37.

Total price of service = 158.10 (50%ish less than quoted).

Comments were: Check for campaigns.


XYT Campaign needed.

Service spanner won't reset - requires BSI Download. (The service spanner is a little LCD icon that tells you when your next service is needed. I noticed this, but no big deal.)

After service drive: Runs as smooth as silk. I was surprised at how smooth she can run.

Note: They do not top up fluids, but only check they are okay. Next service is in a year's time. I bought some coolant from them, 2 litres coolant at $AUD 16.87.

Overall, very happy with the service and results.

26th Feb 2007, 08:09

Has anyone experienced problems with their automatic climate control? I have roughly 20,000 kilometers on my C4 VTS and the air conditioner has stopped working. I am interested in hearing from someone who has experienced this or any other problems.

2nd Mar 2007, 21:02

Climate failing is an issue on the earlier ones it's a small fix dealer should be able to sort it fairly quick for you.

Its basically just a gear change in the unit.

26th Mar 2007, 10:56

Just today my air con stopped working as did the control on one of my windows!!! Booked it into the garage so it should be okay.

16th May 2007, 05:26

Regarding my comments on 14th Jan 2007, 21:02. I forgot, I checked the fluids when I got home. They did fill all the fluids after all. I reckon the rookie counter guy did not know what a service was all about. Oh well I now have more coolant. :-)

Car still going well, no problems as yet.

30th Dec 2007, 16:06

I am genuinely happy with the C4 we have.

I am looking for help with getting the instructions for clearing the water overflow/outlet for the air condtioning unit. It is blocked and water leaks into the passenger and driver side floor space. Has anyone done this themselves? How did you do it? Hoping someone can help.

23rd Jun 2009, 02:29

May I just say thankyou, first of all, to the person who wrote this review, and kept updates of their experiences. For a prospective buyer like me, this is a veritable goldmine of information, and I hang on to every word, so thanks.

I'm looking at buying a second-hand VTS as my first car (I know, weird choice, but whatever), because they're fairly cheap (as all used Citroens are) and, as has already been noted, packed with features that would be impressive on a BMW costing $100,000. And I've kinda fallen in love with the design of the thing, both inside and out. My mum will probably have a heart attack, because it looks a bit too sporty for her (which will mean she'll think I'm a hoon, lol) but she'll get over it.

Really glad to hear about the glass roof - about half the C4 VTSes out there have the glass roof, which I know I'd absolutely looooove... but I had been reluctant because I thought it'd make the mostly black interior very hot. Glad to hear it doesn't, so I think I'll try to find one with the glass roof - such a novelty!

Do you find that the design of the rear end restricts your vision when in reverse? Even if it does, I'll probably still want my VTS, but I'm still interested to find out.

I'm a little worried that the electrics in the car (of which I understand there are a lot) may tend to fail a bit - this is a Citroen after all - and I'm intrigued that you have not had any such problems as yet. I'm pleasantly surprised - if you have had any electric problems, could you let me know in another of your comment posts? They really do help kids like me.

Now I've just got to find one at a good price!

31st Oct 2010, 20:17

It's been a while since I've posted. Moved State and everything.

So 5 years down the track, how has the C4 performed?

She's at about 34,000 Kilometres.

I drove 1600 Kilometres from Queensland to Victoria in continuous rain with the air conditioning going. Fully laden with stuff in our move from computers, unicycle, clothing etc. I managed to overtake countless cars and trucks on hills or inclines, no issue. That was in 2007.

This year, 2010, sometime before June, the rear wiper started going whenever I open the hatch (back door). It wipes for about 3 or 4 times, so I'm guessing it is the back window cleaner going off. Not sure why.

Left window sometimes fails to go down from right hand control. It seems to alternate between starting the car.

Speed limiter + button not responding properly due to overuse, you know how buttons get when they become difficult and you press harder to make them work.

I've got a service this month, so I'm getting these things looked at.

Car still runs like a dream. No leaks of any kind, changed the battery once due to it going flat of course.

Basically electronics are the issue, whether buttons or program.

Still really happy with this car. I'm looking at moving to Spain, and I may buy another one there.

24th Nov 2010, 17:04

Okay, my car has gone in for her 80,000 Kilometre service. She's only done approx. 34,000k.

An 80,000 k service will rush you about $AUD 850.00.

Due to low kilometres driven, they decided to just clean the pollen filter and oil filter to reduce the service to $AUD 650.00.

The 80,000 k service is a major service (but then every service once a year seems to be).

She is no longer covered under warranty, when she was a service was about $AUD 350 to $AUD 400.

Ensure you budget for services if taking it to a Citroen dealer, or take it to a cheaper reputable car mechanic.

Still love this car.

4th Jul 2011, 16:38

LOL my glove box got stuck again. I've noticed the fixture is under the dash near where the latch must lock in, and there are two phillips screws there. I bet if I undid them, then I could open the glovebox and fix it myself.

Every now and then you'll noticed the service light appear (for instance, after washing my car and getting water on the battery). Not an issue; just turn the car off and restart, like rebooting. I've probably had the service light appear about three or four times over five years, and on all occasions I restarted the car and it went away.

Everything still going fine. No leaks or anything.