2005 Citroen C4 EXCLUSIVE 1.6i benzin from Greece


Modern, interesting and characterful


The interior plastic panels started to be noisy even at smooth road surfaces.

Very stiff suspension from the beginning and now noisy enough over bad Greek roads.

General Comments:

Excellent design inside and outside, I just love it.

Good road holding.

Good performance.

Medium economy.

Full of modern technology except the suspension which I find disappointing for a Citroen.

Very good brakes.

Roomy interior, but medium luggage compartment.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

2005 Citroen C4 VTR Coupe 1.6 Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing has gone wrong. Love this car.

General Comments:

I bought this car after a lot of Internet research on car reviews and deals. The reviews upon this site (http://www.carsurvey.org) actually convinced my wife and I to buy a C4.

Looks: She stands out from the crowd that's for sure. We bought a Oriental Blue C4 Coupe with a glass roof. All windows had tinting for the Australian Sun. This car turns heads, that's for sure.

Interior: The interior is so comfortable, people comment upon the seats just looking at them, you don't slide around when driving in this car. The instrument panel on the steering wheel not moving didn't bother me one bit; I hardly noticed as most of the time I have my eyes on the road :-)

Driving: Handles real well on the road. Great turning ability, quick to take off when needed. The dashboard in the centre of the car is a real bonus and makes it easy to see your speed and information. This car does everything for you! At 10Khm the car locks the doors automatically. Even though I got the VTR, I have automatic windscreen wipers depending upon the intensity of the rain. Automatic headlights switch on when needed (this is a headlight setting). Back windscreen wiper operates automatically when reversing in the rain. She tells me when how much weight is in the car so I can dip the headlights. There's heaps more. :-D.

Features: Compared to all of the other cars we reviewed through dealers online, the Citroen C4 provides much more options as 'standard' over other car manufacturers. You get more for paying less. In Australia, where the consumer is basically ripped off over everything, this was a BIG PLUS for Citroen.

Glass roof and Australian Sun: We had some debate upon this option and went for it. The glass roof comes with shutters (blinds) that can be pulled from back and front to stop the sun coming in. What I discovered was that a glass roof does not hold the heat like a metal roof, and the car is actually cooler inside when parked with the shutters pulled across, unlike our old Mazda. If you are considering buying the glass roof option, and are not sure because you live in a hot climate, I can assure you that you will not regret it, as your car will not be any hotter inside (with shutters pulled across) than any other car, and you may experience a cooler interior like we did. Plus it is great to drive with the sky above your head.

Getting your dream car in Australia: When we decided upon the colour and options we wanted for our C4, we rang a few dealers within our area. One dealer tried to sell us what we didn't want, and told us we couldn't get the car we wanted within Australia. The other dealer was much better at customer service, searched their databases for us, and told us they couldn't find the car we wanted, and we could order one. My wife got disheartened, but we wrote directly to the importer in Sydney Australia, they got back to us in 30 minutes with the exact car we wanted at another dealer in our state, so we rang and ordered it. Moral of the story is... If you can not find exactly what you want, email the head office who's email address is on the www.Citroen.com.au website, as they have a database listing ALL of the cars imported, and they can probably find exactly what you need, plus they are not out to make a quick sale for a particular dealer, just a sale anywhere. :-)

I highly recommend the Citroen C4 to anyone wanting a stylish, well programmed, zippy, roomy car with panache.

Love this car!!!

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Review Date: 11th April, 2006

28th Jul 2006, 22:42

A close friend of mine recently purchased a Citroen C4 and I can't believe how much you get for your money. Compared to most other vehicles, the C4 is brilliant.

I heard a commercial on the radio last week advertising a car with 'front power windows as standard'. I just chuckled at the thought of such basic feature being highlighted as a major selling point - especially when comparing it to this Citroen, which is in the same price and size category as the car in the commercial.

Glad to hear you got what you wanted...it's good that so few people know about these little gems because it makes yours all the more exclusive.