2005 Citroen C4 VTR+ 110 HDi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland




Dipstick broke.

Climate controls went AWOL.

General Comments:

I've done about 40,000 miles in the time I've have the C4, and have very little to report other than satisfaction.

I've only had two issues, both of which were dealt with under warranty during a service, so there's been no unscheduled off road time. I even had the ABS recall (all was well there) done during the service.

I've added a DAB aerial, the 9706.AG additional input and the 9702.EZ iPod link (which I really like). I've also added an additional 12v socket in the recess under the headlamp adjuster switch for the SatNav, which keeps the cable out of the way.

The front tyres do around 24,000 miles and the rears about twice that, though I replaced them all a bit early to ensure I had new tyres for this summer's 3,000 mile tour of France, Spain and Andorra. I also replaced the front brake pads myself at about 46,000 miles - the disks seemed fine.

I had a puncture in the North of Scotland (Wick), which amounted to dropping the wheel off while we did some shopping and fitting it back on an hour or so later. On the way south, (Northumbria = south???) I bought a fifth Resolfen off the Internet. It does wonders for the confidence knowing there's a proper wheel and tyre in the boot, but it's never been used - yet.

Battle scars: I have a chip in the windscreen which Autoglass say is OK. And both corners of the rear bumper are scuffed, thanks to idiots in supermarket car parks, and the cover of the driver's mirror is a bit wonky, probably also caused by a clumsy parker.

I bought some new wipers last year, and the head-light protectors for blanking off the beams for driving on the right.

The glove box door has jammed twice, but on both occasions I was able to force it open without damage, though there are now scratches around the lock.

Oil consumption has been negligible.

The Black/Grey 'Mesh 3D X-Ray' cloth seats clean up OK but need serious hoovering to get all the crumbs and fluff from the little perforations. They're good big seats. Very comfy, and don't get cold in the winter nor hot in the summer. SWMBO keeps falling asleep in the passenger seat, so they must be OK.

And the climate control is great too. It doesn't get much heavy use in the UK, but it worked superbly when the outside temp was 41ºC in northern Spain, dropping the temp by 25º to around a cool 16º inside.

The leather steering wheel is really nice to hold- really solid leather. Far, far better than the rubbish in a F*c*s which disintegrates and leaves black marks all over your hands, and which Ford won't replace under warranty - "that's wear and tear, mate" - yeah, right.

As regards style, the mono orange/black display screens look dated now - a single full colour display would be good. The overall shape and presence is still a delight. I love the powerful bright-ware Citroën double chevrons on the front.

An finally, the engine. It's a dream. For a 1.6 turbo. it's really powerful. When the turbo's on song, it really powers away, and the steep climbs in the Pyrénées were a doddle, even fully loaded. And the the economy is exceptional. I don't recall ever getting under 50mpg from a tankful, and have had over 60mpg on a few occasions. Brill.

All I can say is, the VTR+ 110 diesel is the car to have!

I now need to phone the dealer to book in for the 50K mile service.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2008

2005 Citroen C4 Exclusive 2.0 Hdi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Nasty poor quality junk. Utter garbage


Various rattles and squeaks.

Speaker malfunctions.

Parking sensors on continuously.

Turbo sensor failure.

EGR failure.

Front electric window motor failure.

Glove box lid fell off.

Rear view mirror droops in warm weather.

Folding exterior mirror motor failure.

Carpet peeling away from side of front footwell.

Sticking door handles.

N/S rear door wouldn't open.

Sever juddering under 2,500rpm.

General Comments:

I cannot believe just how dreadful this car has been.

In all my years of driving, and that includes many Citroens, I've never owned a car that's been so unreliable. An absolute and total utter nightmare from day one.

It's currently in the main dealer... yet again... and has been for 12 days, whilst they try to find the severe engine juddering at under 2,500rpm. They seem at a total loss as to what's wrong with it, and leave me with no transport as all the courtesy cars are permanently booked. Absolute and total shambles, and wouldn't recommend one to my worst enemy. 0/10.

Trading Standards and a solicitor beckon if this isn't sorted very soon, and when it is, the car will be going the day I get it back.

I'll never buy a Citroen again.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2008

7th Feb 2008, 14:42

Update. Finally dragged this spluttering monster out of the dealership in my sheer frustration, thinking I'd be able to take it to another dealer for them to have a go at fixing it instead.

WRONG! Apparently Citroen insist that if a garage has already started warranty work, they have to complete it, so I've very reluctantly taken it back to them in an even worse state than when I collected it yesterday.

I've sarcastically told them not to ring me until it's fixed, which they wouldn't have done anyway, as keeping the customer (sorry, pain in the backside) is not an option that they would even consider.

As for a replacement to use in the meantime, it seems I'm on my own. Both Citroen UK and the dealer are refusing to hire me a car.

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the shoddy treatment I've received.

All nicey nice to you when you're handing over your hard earned, but heaven help any of you others if a major fault develops on your much loved C4's.

I appreciate that the majority of you seem happy with your purchases. P'raps i've just been unlucky....very!