23rd Feb 2008, 17:21

I've been lucky with my 05 reg Citroen C3 Exclusive Sensodrive, but my brothers Mark 2 55 reg C3 Exclusive Sensodrive has been nothing, but trouble since week 1.

3 keys has broken.

It cuts out when it wants.

You can be driving along then you can't select any gears it just revs and you have to stop and wait 5mins for the computer to select the Sensodrive Gears.

Fuel Consumption is really poor.

Just had to have a new Gearbox and Clutch under warranty as oil had leaked from the Gearbox and wrecked both the Clutch and Gearbox.

Overall it's not even in the same league as my C3.

22nd Nov 2010, 09:00

Hi, I've got a 55 C$ petrol 1600 with auto.

I'm having problems where the auto gearbox sometimes jumps out of gear and jams in 3rd gear either from higher or lower gears. Then I have to stop, switch off engine and re-start to clear.

Sometimes it just comes up on screen "Service". Other times it shows "faulty gearbox". I had diagnostics and download patch to computer chip, but OK for 3 days then returned.

Has anyone got a solution to this before I take it to main dealer again, on a quote of over £300 for pressure valve replacements.



10th Apr 2011, 16:40

My Citroen auto is doing the same. Sticking in 3rd, service flashes on screen. I have to switch off, wait and start again.

How did you fix your fault?



13th Jun 2011, 16:43

My C3 does the same. It occurs intermittently when I first start out - sticks in 3rd gear and warning signal comes on. I do the same as you - stop, re-start and then it's OK.

Different mechanics have looked at the car and done a diagnostic check but have not come up with an answer. As it happens at the start of a journey I wonder if it's something to do with the engine being cold - it's worse in cold weather.

Wish someone knew what causes the problem!

29th Dec 2011, 13:17

Did anyone ever get a solution to this?

My 06 auto C4 does exactly the same - apparently it is a "safe drive home mode", which puts it into 3rd gear.

My car got worse and worse (until I was having to restart 4/5 times a journey) - I took it to a local auto specialist, who told me the gearbox needed reconditioning, which I paid £1800 for, but this fault light keeps returning.

Anyone get this solved?

16th Apr 2012, 19:41

2 x faulty automatic transmission valves according to my dealer. Was quoted $865 AU. Haven't had the work done yet, so not sure whether that will fix the issue.