2003 Citroen C5 Exclusive 2.0 litre petrol from UK and Ireland


Upon buying the car, the fuel pump failed, so a new pump had to be fitted; cost 300 quid.

Drove the car home, and the gauge just dropped even though there's £50 in the tank? Any ideas on a quick fix without breaking the new seal to the pump? Have checked the electrics; no faults showing?

General Comments:

Nice car, and drives well.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

2003 Citroen C5 LX 2.0 HDi 90 hp turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A fantastic piece of machinery


Electric windows had a mind of their own - just once.

Driver's door doesn't unlock with the remote.

Lacquer on the front bumper is peeling.

Radio doesn't store pre-set stations.

General Comments:

The things which have gone wrong are not faults at all, more observations to me...

Not the quickest in its class but it is very economical for its size, I'm averaging 50mpg plus.

The most comfortable ride I've ever had, and the most comfortable car I've ever driven: Did a trip from Glasgow to Bournemouth and didn't feel tired at the end of it!

Very soft handling, but then it isn't designed to be thrown into corners like a sports car - if that's what you want, get a low-slung sports car!

One problem with the ride... on twisty roads, passengers in the back have known to feel seasick (due to the way the Hydractive Suspension works). However motorway mile-munching it couldn't be better for passengers.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2008

2nd Oct 2013, 07:33

The electric windows can be a bit confusing, as they will close automatically when the windscreen wipers operate, if the auto wipers detect rain on the screen. Also the headlights will also come on, as headlights are required by French road laws when it rains, & it's a built in function of the C5.

2003 Citroen C5 HDI from UK and Ireland


Poor to drive, Ugly and unreliable


Faulty suspension on 4 occasions.

Faulty Turbo charger.

Gearbox would not change into 4th.

Faulty air flow sensor.

Faulty wheel bearings.

Heater stopped working.

Instruments stopped working.

Central locking occasionally doesn't work.

Both headlights stopped working on one dark evening.

Air conditioning stopped working.

Service light comes on even though it doesn't need a service.

Airbag warning light illuminates all the time although it is always off when the car gets to the dealers.

General Comments:

This is my company car, which was bought for me when it had covered 15,000 miles.

I have to say it is the most unreliable car I have ever had. Barely a month passes without something going wrong with it.

It is also ugly, and is slow with lumbering handling and numb steering. It is also not comfortable due to the ape-like driving position.

I really cannot wait to get rid of this car. if I had bought it with my own money I would be very upset.

It has also cost several thousand pounds in running repairs to keep the car on the road due to the problems listed above.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

8th Aug 2007, 01:57

This review is all too true unfortunately.

16th Dec 2008, 18:32

I have to agree, spent tonight huddled on the side of a motorway after sparks starting coming from my rear axle :(

2003 Citroen C5 VTR 2.0HDI from UK and Ireland


Central locking system.

Suspension faults: replaced the majority of the parts, including a management system.

Faulty electric windows countless times.

Fault in split tail-gate twice.

Radio faulty.

All these faults persisted from new and the car was booked in yet again to be fixed!!! but never got there as the car actually went on fire and was totally destroyed. has anyone else had a similar experience??

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Review Date: 18th September, 2006

14th Aug 2007, 03:37

Ours never caught on fire, but we had countless electrical problems. I guess that poor electrical engineering and fires are related. It is strange that they can't make an electrical system that lasts. It's probably overly complex on this car since we've had other, smaller Citroen's with few problems. But even on these we had some electrical components go, but not endless problems. I think they are using sub-standard parts as well, like their fan engines that never last.