2004 Citroen C5 LX 1.7 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


A superb car at a reasonable cost to buy and run


I have had the 2004 C5 now for 2 years, and have to say it's the most reliable car I have ever owned. Nothing, and I mean nothing has gone wrong with it. The electronics are excellent, and everything works perfectly.

The seats are in excellent condition with no deterioration at all.

The only fault I can find, but it's not really bothering me, is the slow retraction of the driver's seatbelt.

General Comments:

Excellent build quality compared to other makes I have had, and that includes Mercedes.

As it's a petrol engine of only 1700cc, performance is not too swift, but sufficient.

Superb leg room in the back seating area.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2011

2004 Citroen C5 2.0 petrol from South Africa


Best car I have owned since my Camry


Gear electronic sensors had to be replaced on gearbox.

General Comments:

Most comfortable car I have ever owned. Incredibly fuel efficient for a 2.0 litre Automatic.

New Michelins at 75,000.

Replaced timing belt at 70,000 kms, Agents charged R2,500 fitted! Less than most small cars.

Services every 30,000 kms! R3,000 average.

This car has cost me basically nothing to run.

Hydramatic suspension can take you almost anywhere off-road, and in mud, too.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

21st Oct 2012, 10:12

Just returned from a 1,200 km trip to the Drakensberg Mountains in Kwa Zulu/Natal, and my Citroen performed wonderfully without any problems, and gave me 8 litres per 100 kms travelling at 120 kph on some of the worst roads I have ever encountered! Did a 5,000 km trip to Cape Town and back in December, as well.

Have covered over 100,000 kms and still perfect, no handles falling off or anything else, too. Greatest car I have ever owned in over 58 years in Africa and Canada!

Unfortunately Peugeot/Citroen's marketing departments are useless, and don't advertise or market their cars at all. Citroen have won the World Rally Championship nine (9) years in a row, and what do they say about that? Nothing!!! Ford and Mini have pulled out because they cannot beat Citroen!

2004 Citroen C5 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


The best car I've ever owned. Incredible suspension and steering, Quiet, very comfortable


It was driving in little 'surges' while in third gear. This was fixed by resetting the gear box sensors. The wipers in auto were not working properly.

General Comments:

It's a bit of a shame that the wheel shakes when traveling at more than 100 k/h.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2009

28th Dec 2009, 19:10

Normally wobbles at around 100km/h are due to incorrect wheel balancing. It would be worth your while to visit a proper tyre shop for wheel balancing and alignment check. They should also be able to tell you if the other steering components are in good order (such as tie rods etc).

29th Dec 2009, 19:33

Thanks! Will do.

2004 Citroen C5 X 2.0 HDI turbo diesel from Croatia


Comfortable ride


Loose vacuum pipe, resulting in the turbo not activating.

6-7 light bulbs over a period of one and a half years.

Front passenger window sometimes won't come up using one-touch mode, it goes to the halfway point and then re-opens, you have to close it 1 cm by 1 cm.

Turbo sometimes fails to kick in, not a good thing while overtaking up-hills. I have to wait until 3000rpm for the turbo to start working.

Squeaking brakes.

Poor servo assistance while driving at low speeds.

General Comments:

Big, spacious on the inside, comfortable seats.

Big boot, practical because of its 5-door design.

Very quiet and smooth ride, great suspension although not good in curves, but great in a straight line.

Love all the sensors (rain sensor, light sensor) and toys.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

9th Sep 2009, 05:09

It is Citroen C first generation, that came out in 2001.

2004 Citroen C5 Exclusive 3.0 from South Africa


Biggest piece of expensive junk I ever owned


Day one - Ignition coil failed.

Water bottle sensor stopped working.

Reverse sensor stopped working.

Fan control module failed.

Ignition coil 2 failed.

Tire sensors faulty; they keep on reporting "wheels deflating" while it's in perfect order.

General Comments:

I expected more from an Exclusive model; the electronic systems are of poor quality and design. Running cost is extremely high and parts are priced ridiculously high.

Internal build quality is also very poor.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2007

23rd Oct 2007, 09:00

It never seems to stop, today (23 Oct 07) the LCD back light has failed...

17th Feb 2008, 00:11

Au Contrair Mon-amie! I love my French car. It's been fantastic. You must of got a Lemon. Funny thing is "Citroen" means "Lemon" in translation.

2nd Oct 2009, 06:02

Pity you got a dud. I have the 2 litre 2004 Automatic and with its 5 Year Maintenance Plan it cost me zilch. The last service cost (paid by Citroen) was RI,800! I have done 80,000 kms. and it is now out of warranty.

Recently I had a problem with the gearbox and Citroen's Head Office assisted me in repairing it at nominal cost.

A Fuel Electronic Sensor for my wife's Opel Corsa 1400 cost me almost as much!

Get the 2 Litre and you will see the difference.

The reason for the expensive parts in South Africa is the crazy mark-up that Imperial (the Importers) charge on Citroen parts!