2005 Citroen C5 from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

I have just got rid of my C5 diesel automatic, and my advice is if you have a C5, you should do the same and cut your losses.

I will never by this make ever again, as this company knows that the problem is there, and choose to put their head in the sand.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine told me the company he was working for ordered 8 C5 saloons, and within 3 months all had been returned with the same problem.

Windows with a mind of their own.

Anti pollution defective.

Automatic gear box defective.

Anti theft device defective.

And so on and so on.

All of which my own C5 had the same messages.

Shame on you Citroen.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2011

27th Jan 2012, 07:45

I have owned an SX C5 HDI for the last 4 years, it has been utterly reliable, incredibly cheap to run and very practical, I simply don't recognise the negative comments on this forum.

Granted it is not a ball of fire to drive, but you don't buy this kind of car with that in mind. I will certainly consider replacing it with a later C5, but considering how it's been, I see no need to do so yet.

27th Sep 2012, 05:19

Sorry mate, but you have been lucky. The problems will come, and it is obvious from reading on the net, and knowing owners of these cars, that they do have faults, particularly with the auto transmission. The advice to get rid of it to prevent further expenditure is sound. It's just a pity that in this day and age, junk still makes it onto the road. The A class Merc and Smart car are others in the total lemon class, that have known faults, that should never have made it to production.

12th Apr 2013, 17:02

I must have been exceptionally lucky with my TDI C5. I now have 224,000km on the clock with no problems other than one broken electric window ($150 to fix).

1st Oct 2016, 16:08

I have had my C5 1.6 CTR+ for 5 years; it's the most comfortable, reliable, economic car I've owned. It's never let me down, starts first time every time, the spec is fantastic, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another for effortless motorway driving!

You get so much more car for your money than with Ford. I don't understand why they get such bad comments.

2005 Citroen C5 VTR 2.0 HDi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Very comfortable when not broken down


My C5 is a 138 bhp estate, it suffers from loss of power. Citroen dealer diagnosed the waste gate valve, £350 for a new one, fault still there.

Dealer then diagnosed turbo faulty, new item fitted for £1400, fault still there.

EGR valve changed £350, lasted about 2000 miles.

Now have "depollution system faulty" displayed.

I think I will concede defeat and put the car in an auction, I can't bear to keep paying out like this.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2010

24th Mar 2015, 21:18

The dealer should be ordered by a court to reimburse you for their costly errors in diagnosis. Incompetent dealers are ripping people like you off, and they need a stiff lesson in humility.

2005 Citroen C5 Exclusive 3.0 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


More soul than your average euro-barge, but do you dare risk it?


After taking delivery of the car, it soon became apparent that something was wrong with the gear change. It was very clunky in the lower gears, and wouldn't lock-up at all.

Over a three week period (mostly spent at the dealers), the dealer tried replacing the transmission fluid, valve body and transmission wiring loom.

Net result was zero improvement. Finally the dealer re-flashed the software on the ECU and some improvement was made. It was not nearly as clunky, and it now locks-up OK.

It's not perfect mind, but it's acceptable for now. I've been too busy with a new family addition to take it up with the dealer again.

Other than that, in just 4,000 miles I've also had problems with one of the headlamp washer jets not returning after use (so it sticks out by 2" until I flick it back by hand), some of the seatbelts no longer reel in automatically and have to be fed by hand, the boot lid doesn't open fully without being pushed by hand to the top and there seems to be a leak through one of the rear door seals.

Apart from that, it's been fine...

No, hang on, one more fault, the driver's seat has a small amount of free-play in it, so that when you accelerate or brake hard, the seat moves a little.

But apart from THAT, it's been fine...

Actually no, there's one more thing, the back brakes squeal horribly sometimes, a known fault stretching right back to the BX. Liberal application of copper grease has helped somewhat.

Oh, and because the car was ex-motability, the previous owner had fitted a crane hoist in the boot, so I spent some time patching the holes in the boot floor and wheel arch that had been helpfully left wide open after the hoist had been removed.

When I got the car, the steering wheel was "melted" and the front seats bobbling slightly, but I live with that because I knew about it and used it to negotiate the price lower!

Citroën quality shining through, as you can see! ;)

General Comments:

If, for one minute I could just forget the legion problems with the car, there is much good to say about it.

Firstly, this is the estate model, so it's vast. Thanks to the large rear end and compact Hydractive 3+ suspension, the boot is wide, long and high. Perfect for family duties. The little switch in the boot to raise and lower the boot floor for loading is a neat touch, as is the tailgate window that opens separately to the boot lid itself. So that's good. Laminated side windows and a high ratio for 6th gear ensure near silent motorway cruising; perfect for long trips to see family far away.

The multi-way adjust electric seats are reasonably comfortable, but what on earth were they thinking with the driving position? The steering wheel doesn't extend nearly close enough, so I can either be sat too close for the pedals and have my knees stuck out at strange angles, or I can be sat with my arms stretched out, causing fatigue within minutes. I don't remember having this problem with my old BX years ago.

The car is very well equipped with neat features like proper dual zone climate that has independent air flow directions for each side, as well as temperature controls, a feature not normally seen in this kind of price range. However, some of the features are more trouble than they're worth. The auto wipers are annoying, either going too slowly or too quick. I generally like auto wipers, but not on this car.

And why oh why have Citroën, in all their wisdom, fitted a huge long sunroof, but done it at the expense of a rear interior light? I don't know if you've ever tried buckling up two child seats in the dark when it's pouring with rain, but if you have, try doing it with your eyes closed to get an idea of what it's like attempting it in the back of the C5. I hear the new C5 has C-pillar lights, about time too.

Aside from that, there is some very good news under the bonnet. The 211bhp V6 is a marvel. Quiet and refined in normal pootling about, but take control manually or put it into sport mode and you can really make some very quick progress in this car.

The suspension too is excellent, handling all kinds of bumps and poor surfaces very well indeed, but a quick stab of the sport button and it hardens up, taking almost all the wallow out, and opening the door to a bit of wailing V6 back road fun in 2nd and 3rd gears.

Fuel consumption, as you might expect, is quite high. I'm looking at around 21mpg average in mostly town driving. Out of town I can get mid to high 20s - if I'm sensible. Given how much cheaper to buy this V6 was compared to the diesel with the autobox, which is only 10-15mpg more efficient, I can happily live with the thirst for fuel. I don't do many miles presently, so I don't worry too much about fuel costs.

Would I buy another? Yes maybe. For all its faults it has something special about it. I might consider the new C5, but only in Exclusive trim with Hydractive suspension. I would never buy a Citroën with regular coil suspension (like the new C5 in low-mid spec trims), what would be the point?

The only shame is that the V6 petrol is no longer available, and I'd have to make do with the new V6 diesel, which is a fine engine I'm sure, but will it sound as gorgeous as this one does?

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Review Date: 4th January, 2010

23rd Apr 2010, 06:05

Original reviewer here again:

It's now April, I'm up to 40k miles and there's a new thing to report. The car has now developed a warm start problem, it starts fine when cold, or if just ran. However, leave it 1-2 hours and then it becomes a real pain in the behind. It'll take 4-5 seconds to start and when it does it's really rough until the accelerator is prodded. I'm guessing possible coil pack problems.

It's going back to Citroën next week to see what they can do.

Fuel economy is a steady 22mpg or so, checked on the brim to brim. Touring around north Wales, I did manage to get the computer to show 31mpg over 70 odd miles! Generally, when touring about, it was showing high 20s, not bad really.

The misting problem has resolved itself in the warmer weather, for now at least.

The on/off button on the stereo is starting to become unresponsive, a known problem. I'll probably get around to fixing that myself at some point.

Considering the lack of use this car gets, it seems to be aging quite rapidly. Ah well, it was cheap for a reason!

23rd Aug 2010, 03:42

OR reviewer again.

The car has now been sold with just over 43k miles on it. The misting problem has returned, along with:

Seat belts stopped reeling in properly, driver's the worst. Tailgate springs were stuffed, as were the return springs for the washer jets (see a pattern here with weak springs?) and worse... The on/off button for the stereo had almost completely failed, which was a pain, because the PSA USB BOX (for the iPod connection) kept crashing, needing the stereo to be turned off to reset it... :(

New coil packs had mostly sorted the cold start problem, although sometimes starting remained difficult. Fuel economy was improving to near 25 MPG, typically, perhaps due to new coil packs?

The biggest issue with the car was the worsening gear change, feeling very much like the clutch bands for 2,3 and 4th gears was on the way out.

So, bye bye C5...

Overall, I almost loved the C5, there was an awful lot to like about the car, but the niggles spoiled it for me. If the gearbox had been OK I probably would have carried on with it.

4th Jun 2011, 03:18

Purchased 3 litre estate in Feb 2011, and as expected it has been slightly more juicy than my previous 2 litre estate. Having said that, have been very satisfied with the performance, obviously keeping to speed limits. Try and buy from a reliable source, it will save money in the long run. Enjoy comfortable, smooth motoring with massive carrying capacity.