16th May 2009, 08:06

I bought a C5 6 days ago with 120000KMs on it, all serviced and all repairs had the invoices, the car drove perfect on the test drive and had no problem with it for 4 days. Then the left headlight went out, next day the computer displays anti pollution fault, and today the left back window stopped working properly. The car runs OK I guess, but haven't taken on long trips yet.

Oh yes.. the CD changer just doesn't play some CDs, weird.. I am terrified what will happen next. I know it is a 7 year old car, but was a first owner and always serviced at Citroen dealers. Anyway.. I owned several used cars and new cars in the past 15 years. And since I was foolish enough to buy a Citroen, I'll keep it for a while since I have a small loan on it, but paying it off early and will get rid of it as soon as I can.

I know for the same aged car in the same condition and mileage, it would cost much more, but I'd rather pay more next time and have peace of mind, I don't think I would buy Citroen again.. Everybody has to decide what kind of car they want. So if you like Citroens, go ahead. As I mentioned I never had one, and I liked it, plus liked all the toys in it.. but I wish they all worked just fine.

18th Jun 2009, 11:29

I have C5 2002 2.0 HDI Estate. This is a lovely car to drive, but a nightmare for reliability. In its present condition it is unsaleable.

The main problem started when water shorted out the rear window switch and damaged the computer.

Central locking no longer works.

Numerous spurious faults are indicated.

Rear brakes have been a major problem.

Water ingress to the passenger footwell and more besides.

Unfortunately I have to say I would not buy Citroen again...

7th Nov 2009, 09:16

I was advised by all my friends in the motor trade, don't buy a Citroen C5, but I've had hundreds of cars, including 5 diesel XMs and always fixed my own cars, so I bought one.. Oh boy... please anyone considering buying one, think long and hard, they are a technical unrepairable nightmare, even the main dealers can't fix them, just read the forums.

If the computer was taken out, it MIGHT be okay, but it's still hideously difficult to work on. Citroen, you really need to sort out where you are going wrong, the comments about these cars on the forums are terrible TERRIBLE publicity for your product.