2002 Citroen C5 LX 2.0 HDI from UK and Ireland


The C5 seriously needs scrapping and rebuilding


Driver window clicked when opening and closing. whole unit had to be replaced.

Rear door would not unlock, lock had to be smashed off and replaced by Citroen.

Car judders when in traffic or pulling away from junction, clutch replaced by Citroen, problem still exists.

Third gear has had to be replaced on Gearbox.

Seat adjuster had to be replaced.

Oil leak on clutch and engine.

Headlight dim or switch off while driving, very dangerous on motorways.

Car locks itself for no reason, I have had to climb out of the driver window on one occasion, the car has locked my 3 year old daughter inside on two occasions.

Had a recall for wheels by Citroen.

Accelerator cable had to be adjusted three times, while pulling away at junctions or accelerating in general, throttle was floored.

Car has failed to start three times in the morning.

According to Citroen, since the car has done 68000 miles and is now two years old, this is now classed as an old car and that faults are now inevitable. Pretty appalling really.

General Comments:

I must admit that Citroen have put right most of the faults.

Headlights still dim or switch off.

Central locking still locks itself.

Car still judders.

Being truthful, the car rides superbly on the motorway, but for general town use etc the car performs unreliably.

I explained to Citroen that previously I had a Xantia, Turbo Diesel, bought it at 70k and sold it at 160k, fantastic car, not a thing went wrong for 6 years. Whats gone now Citroen.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

17th Mar 2005, 02:38

Worrying. I too am a Xantia fan and have had one car covering 200k almost fault free and my current one has done 180k needing only a thermostat and radiator recore.

I contacted Citroen to see what warranty they offered on the 19 computers allegedly secreted in the C5 - err, none really other than the standard 3 year mechanical you are on your own.

I'm gonna buy a SAAB next!

2002 Citroen C5 Exclusive 2.0 HPI from UK and Ireland


Could have been a good car, dreadful reliability.


Cooling fan would not turn off. Relay replaced twice.

Rear tyre wear uneven so had to have the complete rear axle assembly replaced.

Clutch judder developed and had to be replaced.

Immobiliser fault displayed. All electrics failed. AA call-out, had to disconnect battery to reset.

Anti-pollution fault has been painful. This last time resulted in the total loss of power, very frightening on the motorway. Petrol pump replaced and now waiting to see if this is the cure.

Vibration problems. Wheels have been balanced 3 times (once at Citroen dealer) at dealers who can balance these special centre-less wheels. Still have the vibration problems. Will have to put up with this for 4 months until car is changed.

Has had two safety recalls, one for the handbrake and one for a safety download?

General Comments:

Whenever you lift the tailgate you get water running into the boot.

Very quiet for motorway miles.

Very smooth ride.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004

12th Dec 2005, 14:16

I agree with the other users and have had many of the same problems.

An additional problem I have is total electrical failure. This means, that all electrical components cease to work, i.e. wipers, lights, air con, radio/CD for a period of 3 to 4 seconds and then it all comes back again. Very disconcerting when driving on motorways in bad weather and heavy traffic, and not knowing when it will happen again. Two Citroen dealers have been unable to resolve the problem, and now the car is out of warranty, there's no interest from them.

2002 Citroen C5 LX 2.2hdi from UK and Ireland


We have owned this car from new and love it, it's a stylish, comfortable, value for money work horse


The compact disk player gets very hot in use, making the compact disk very hot and distorting the sound of the music.

All the interior/exterior lights have an intermittent flicker more noticeable on badly lit roads.

The display for the radio, time and temperature lock out so I cannot change between time and temperature.

Also I have heard, but not experienced that this model does not have an audible alarm that sounds if the car is broken into.

General Comments:

This car is used to tow our caravan, as a equipment carrier for our business and scrubs up nicely when required.

Last year we drove 4,000 miles in two weeks through Europe in complete comfort.

We have also found that fuel economy has improved as the mileage has increased.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

8th Oct 2016, 19:22

Seems the 2.2 Exclusives are about the only Citroen worth having. Mine's now 14 years old, 100k of general usage including towing a caravan and she's running perfectly well.

The only advice I'd give is to invest in a Citroen interface for the OBD and a copy of the diagnostic software for a laptop. Both easy to get off that certain website. This has saved me lots of dosh being able to simply hook up my laptop to the car, and using Citroen's own software, fix just about all the Citroen/Peugeot electrical gremlins for nothing.

The car is still superb to drive, has stacks of power, good MPG for its size, not wonderful but good, but most importantly for me is the comfort, as our roads get worse everyday and I watch all the other cars on motorway bouncing and crunching over the BAD road repairs, I do still chuckle a bit. In fact my main problem is not falling asleep, commuting back from a 12 hour shift etc, as I gently float along, relaxed and unstressed.

Personally I'm glad the depreciation is terrible. I managed to get my current Exclusive SE, the top model with everything for under a grand LOL; can't beat driving a car that cost 15+k new for such little money.

The automatic wipers do pee me off sometimes though; think they have Alzheimers, they start OK but soon forget they are wipers, and the ashtray's getting full so I may have to buy another car soon...