2002 Citroen C5 Exclusive 2.2 hdi from UK and Ireland


Needs improving


All problems so far have been electronic.

One of the rear passenger doors would intermittently remain locked. The lock motor was changed.

The front near-side window from time to time fails to close and opens fully again repeatedly. This has not been rectified yet.

The radio will suddenly fade losing signals to all channels, leaving white noise.

There is a slight, but noticeable jerking felt from the engine or transmission between 40mph to 70mph. Attempts to remedy so far have included particulate filter regeneration, wheel balancing and downloads.

I have only experienced one electronic shutdown (lights out) when completing a three point turn at night! Luckily this was instant.

General Comments:

Despite the electronic niggles I would say that the car has been reliable within the mileage I have covered.

The car I have provides a superb ride, especially on the motorway, although I am disappointed how much it can be buffeted by cross winds.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2003

29th Jan 2004, 06:11

How can you give this car such a high reliability score? - especially after listing a multitude of faults!

"Only one complete electronic shutdown" Oh is that all? I'd expect exactly no electronic shutdowns for my sparkly new car thanks!

I've always loved Citro├źns, and thought they had turned the corner with the very reliable Xantia - However it seems as though the C5 is too flawed to consider. It's hard to find a fault-free write up on this car. Shame really.

22nd May 2004, 18:39

A writer appeared alarmed that I could give a high rating for reliability, thank you for this observation.

I gave my personal experience of this car a 9 out of 10 for reliability because it has been mechanically sound and has done exactly what I bought it for. Based on the price and comparing it to other Euro saloons it has not done bad at all.

There has been a list, but none of those resulted in me stranded or requiring recovery, still time will tell.

A sparkly new car was not the reason for my purchase that is why I chose a modest Citroen. A comfortable, high mileage, motorway cruiser.

Since my original review I am pleased to say that the niggles originally reported have been dealt with by the Citroen dealer and no new faults to report.

A point to note though, I do believe this car is a tyre muncher unless it is the soft Michelins that the car is sold with.

Having access to a Xantia in my family I agree that this is a superb car and based on this I chose to buy a C5. I can confirm that the C5 diesel is quieter, has an improved ride and economy.

Looking at the other reviews, I have been lucky and would if considering buying another secondhand, make sure there is a long warranty or wait for the C5 update.

2002 Citroen C5 SX Break 2.2 HDi from UK and Ireland


A bit of a dog at present


The front seats sink while driving.

Noises from the rear suspension.

The finish on the alloy wheels is peeling off.

Difficult or impossible to engage reverse gear.

Head lights flicker when the hydraulic pump motor starts up.

Vibration through the steering wheel. I have had new tyres and the wheels balanced twice. But still vibrates.

Vague throttle pedal, the car is very difficult to drive smoothly. New injectors have been fitted, but the car is just the same.

Incorrect messages from the computer saying "Diesel additive low "and "Air bag failure".

Not all doors unlock when asked.

Windows not closing with remote plip.

Plus many more...

General Comments:

Could be a very nice car, it's a shame Citroen can't sort out all the problems with it.

May be worth buying in 2005.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

8th Jul 2004, 15:21

It's Now July 2004, the car has been performing much better since it had new front and rear suspension fitted.

Lights still flicked as there is no cure and reverse is still difficult to engage.

Are you aware that the HDI Diesel engines up to 2Ltr from the Citroen and Peugeot range is now also fitted into Ford TDCi cars.