2003 Citroen C8 Exclusive 2.2 HDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Problematic and expensive to repair


My cambelt snapped with my wife driving on a dual carriageway on December 18th in minus 7 degrees. Had the car recovered by RAC, and taken to my garage where they told me what was wrong.

Before ringing Citroen UK, googled C8 cambelt failure on the Honest John website, and found it isn't that uncommon i.e. there is a design fault in cold snowy icy conditions; water runs down the very large windscreen in copious amounts, and then is dumped on and around the timing (cambelt) belt housing, and if like me, your car is too large to go in the garage, then the large amount of said water freezes solid on the belt, causing premature rotting of belt, or as in my case, a snapped belt.

Citroen are aware of this fault, but chose not to do a recall because they considered it not to be a big problem (ha), but instead solved the problem on 06 vehicles (C8) only.

I politely but firmly told Citroen UK I knew all about the problem, and what would they do for me, as my car had only done 80000. The car is now with Citroen having a new engine fitted; total cost to Citroen £8000 engine + labour. And they are fitting the 15p piece of pressed plastic that would have avoided all this.

Regards healdpaul@aol.com

General Comments:

The car is great when everything is working.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

22nd Jan 2011, 08:23

Why would you spend £8k on a new engine for a 7 year old car?? Second hand engine? I don't know if it is on the original cambelt, but 80k miles is pushing it IMO.

22nd Jan 2011, 16:47

Sounds like you got great service from Citroen. A new engine at their expense in a 7 year old higher mileage car, we all should be so lucky. Garage it, service it, it's not a series two Land Rover!

22nd Jan 2011, 22:01

He said Citroën paid for the new engine, not the owner. Do you really think a car manufacturer would risk putting in a second-hand engine?

2003 Citroen C8 SX 2.0 HDi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


The biggest load of @***sh***??


Practically everything.

The car broke down every 382 miles!! The main dealer had the car back; they nicknamed it The MF!!! We worked it out that the first word was mother!!

The drivers seat was pre-stuffed with old T shirts, because the seat had collapsed at 40K!

The rear washer used to give the kids a shower every time I tried to clean the back window, and the anti-pollution fault light came on so often that you could set your watch by it!

Tyres wore out so quick that I was certain this was done to keep third world countries cash rich! (only bought cheap in the end as Dunlops would only last about 8K miles).

Windows and electric doors opened at will, make sure you have the kids well strapped in or there is real danger you might leave one on a passing motorway lane.

Inbuilt rust, it was if the body suffered from acne!

CD player packed up, warning lights were on at least every other day - biggest bag of sh*** I have ever owned!!

Do not buy this load of rubbish, my wife actually cried with joy when I sold it to some sucker that wanted a mother bus... god bless!!

General Comments:

This is the worst car that has ever graced our roads, makes the TATA look like a Merc.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2010

2006 Citroen C8 LX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


The C8 is a dangerous vehicle


WEnt on holiday with 4 children after picking the car up the day before with delivery mileage only.

The car cut out after 150 miles, doing 60+ MPH, no electronics at all working, no lights absolutely nothing. I managed to coast and get off a fast A road to a stop... Reset itself after 15 minutes - the dealer said take it back ASAP. Fault found = nothing.

Since then at regular periods the Air con/pollen system fails, the CAM sensor turns the car into "limp" mode and it dies without warning.

Contacted a Citroen dealership who refused to touch it as Citroen wasn't paying for any warranty work to take place unless previously approved by Head Office, so any investigative work was not covered

Late one night it died in the middle of a contraflow on the M4, my pregnant wife had to climb a central reservation barrier and be rescued by the Police.

It has since had a new auto gear box installed, CAM sensor changed, and on Tuesday night it went again.

Loss of power etc... RAC diagnostics reads the ECU that gives a fault code of P1336 CAM sensor out of range.

Advice was take it to the dealer to get it checked over - the two local dealers won't touch it - so it's a 50 mile trek to another dealer that hasn't seen the car before!

Plus it's out of warranty now - I will never buy another Citroen as long as I live...

General Comments:

If you want an MPV, don't buy a Citroen, buy any and I mean any other MPV, the C8 is a total and utter pile of rubbish. I don't care if I have to buy another sensible MPV, but this s/crap heap has go to go...

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Review Date: 1st April, 2009