1987 Citroen CX GTi Turbo 2 2.5 turbo from UK and Ireland


Back to a future better than what was inherited?


Rust in the floors, sills and wings is an ever present enemy.

Fuel computer has failed, wiper is weak, electrical issues are common.

ABS is not working.

General Comments:

These cars are fast continent eaters. I recently used the car to travel to London and back, and now I have finally got the engine running well, I can honestly say that I have never experienced a car where the optimum cruising speed is so high, that the mental concentration required to be safe knocks a mark off for comfort. It's hard not to pass cars like they are standing still on the motorway, especially with the quite tall gearing suited to the high torque engine, and you have to make a conscious effort not to lose your license! The ride is sublime, the handling precise, and the steering super relaxing and safe.

My only negative comment would be that these cars need ABS brakes, as the brakes and tyres begin to look a little pathetic, when a quick dab of the throttle can see you shoot from 60 to 90 MPH so quickly. I plan to fix my ABS brakes very soon.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2010

1987 Citroen CX re 2.0 from Slovenia


The magic carpet ride


Recently bought the car, here`s the fix list:

- Spheres need re-gassing

- A/C needs to be fix, hope it`s just the gas

- Boot door is rusted through, needs a new one

- Some joints on the rear axle need fixing

- Too much wind noise through front door windows, will check both the mechanism and the seals probably need replacement

- Alternator getting a bit weak, will be renewed

- Cabin headliner needs replacing

- Central locking doesn`t work

- Oil light on for no particular reason, will check the sensor and spray it with a contact cleaner

- Emergency brake lights comes on randomly while driving, will check the sensor

- Fog lights need new connectors.

Come to think of it, not that much for a car its age.

General Comments:

Firstly, what the word car usually describes probably does not have that much in common with this thing. Yes, it`s out of this world.

On the outside, it may be that it looks like an old banger, but the main design line of the car is perfect, it`s just a pure curve without any hassle. It looks smaller than it really is, the stance is anything but imposing, and you only get a grip of its spaciousness when you go inside. Let`s go there.

Welcome and sit into the obliviously comfortable seats, admire the funky style and feel like at home. The dash design is clean and practical, providing you with lots of personal space and helping you relax, even though the journey hasn`t yet started. Until you turn the key.

But wait, where is the key-lock. Oh, it`s on the left side. And what, is this really a steering wheel in front of my face? Why yes it is, one big circle with a link to the column on the bottom, so that you can see all the vital car information even when taking a turn. Come on, let`s go.

You turn the key and shortly afterwards hear the 4 French cylinders firing a balanced yet funny melody. Now it`s alive:) Wait a moment, it feels as if it`s rising! Only for your enjoyment, my friend. Set it into gear and drift away.

Driving this magical creature is the pure, relaxing pleasure that can rarely be obtained in traffic in our modern world of haste and worry. But a good CX can pull it off just as the latest high end luxury cars, and it does it in a timeless style.

The switches (and even dials in series I) have a logic of their own, so do the brakes and even the steering, which requires much less turns than in other cars, it all has its own way and it quickly grasps your soul to appreciate it. There is just so little effort required for convincing it to do anything that it`s amazing. Want to turn direction? You can do it with one finger, when changing lanes you hardly need to move it at all.

Want to stop at no matter what speed? Just gently press the brake, that`s it.

Want to drive over a poor or gravel road without being beaten up like in all cars with spring suspension? Sure, just go and do it, you`ll hardly feel a thing. Someone else on this website wrote "time will disappear in a CX" and when you get the hang of it, it really feels that way.

But there`s a downside. Sooner or later you`ll have open that door and go back to the real world.

And here we are. Of course I have exaggerated in this review, but I did it because it`s worth it. Those who built these cars must have had a passion for beauty and comfort and a liking for the human race.

But do not fool yourself; it is the perfect car because it also has weaknesses. Like, in no way is the build quality as good as for instance its German rivals, and it also lacks power unless you go for the turbo versions, which are of course harder to maintain.

If you have a chance to get a drive in a well kept CX, do it, it`ll be a pleasing experience.

But if you plan to buy one and don`t know what you are getting yourself into, please take your time and read over the Internet about it or talk with someone who knows these cars well. Read on if you do.

You need someone to maintain it, you need replacement parts, and most of all you need a good car to start with. The no. 1 CX enemy is rust. The estates are more prone to it, but so are sedans and a lot of these cars can look nice on the outside, but when examined thoroughly under the carpets and so on, will show the true state they`re in. Unless you own a body shop, I advise you to skip the rusty ones and buy a solid one.

Then there`s the electrics. Wiring is bad, and poor grounds and contacts can make it not work. Again, unless you know how to fix, avoid.

Everything else can be solved if you can get the parts. If you want the most no hassle car, get a carburetted petrol version, this way there is much less fiddling with sensors and electronics.

OK, that`s it for now. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will hopefully update this review as time goes by, and I hope you have as much fun with your beloved cars as I do with mine.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2008