10th Aug 2010, 01:12

I am looking to buy a 1973 DS pPllas speed manual carby, fully restored. What should I be paying?

10th Sep 2013, 16:48

I drove one every day for seven years and sold it a couple of years ago. It cost less to run than my wife's Honda Civic. These things are very often looked after by obsessives or at least those who appreciate the particular pleasures in owning... and driving one of these. A well set D is a good option as a everyday driver, and if you're not a techie there are enough garages in the know to keep you comfortably on the road.

24th Jun 2014, 05:23

I have a 1973 carby Pallas 23 manual. I paid $12500 for it when I should have paid $18,000. I've since spent probably $3000 on things I deemed essential but my wife deemed 'wanted'. Otherwise it would have been fine without fiddling. Different markets have quite wildly different prices. I could probably get 20k British pounds for the car, but would struggle to get 20k NZ dollars, certainly not a hope of getting $40k for it. It would be worth sticking it in a container and sending it to the UK... (not that I would).

Fuel economy is non existent... But that can be rectified with a bit of thought, clever driving and (sacre bleu) a non original Weber carby.

If you think you want one, join the local Citroen Club and start learning - that way you will avoid the ignorant rookie mistakes and save yourself some grief.

16th Apr 2016, 01:27

Great review, and a fantastic car!

Given the opportunity, the DS would be the first car I would like to drive before all others. Unfortunately, these are exceedingly rare in the US. The car has always intrigued me, from its pioneering technology, historical significance, and unmatched style. I'm downright jealous of your DS!

9th Jun 2019, 04:23

Having owned 7 D models including 2 Safaris and the last was a DS23 Pallas with 23000 km (which I had to sell due to a fire in my factory), I think these were the most reliable and most comfortable cars, and if I could afford a restored one, regardless of model, I would jump at the opportunity.

I purchased a BX 16 valve car new, which was a real pocket rocket, but although real fast, not as good a long distance cruiser that a DS was.