27th Feb 2003, 05:03

Name one safety device that was a world first in a DS, and don't come up with the air suspension or the turning headlights, these are old party tricks, nothing more.

Ds drivers are want to be sophisticated poor old sods with absolutely no idea what a car is about, you guys will drive a four poster bed (you probably already do) and think of it as great.

7th Apr 2003, 03:37

To the people slamming the DS series: You might want to take a long hard look at what you drive... Your choice of car may not exactly be everyone else's cup of tea either.

The DS is a heck of a lot more of an interesting and innovative car than 95% of what's out there right now.

There are two DSes in the area where I live and if either were up for sale I would jump at the chance to buy one, since having had a chance to drive one was a most enjoyable experience.

So grow up, people!

13th May 2003, 13:43

World's 1st safety devices in a DS:

- extremely powerful high pressure braking system (braking power is related to driving speed and total weight of the car)

- first mass produced car type with disk-brakes fitted in

- introduction of radial tires Michelin X

- very large "glass-area" 2.23m2 contributes to better sight


20th May 2003, 12:43

It's all down to personal opinion what you think of the DS. I agree that those who dislike the car ften don't know much about it. (For example it's not air suspension, but an "air over water" set-up, with the "water" being the most active part) But the most striking thing about it is the forward thinking that was applied to its design. The shape for example was the first to sell aerodynamics as a common feature, even though the Traction (the DS predecessor) was very aerodynamic for its time. Many manufacturers followed this shape over time, and, for example, it took Ford 28 years to come up with a design of similar dynamic efficiency with the "jelly mould" Sierra.

Inboard brakes are still not fitted to well over 85% of modern cars.

Nearly 50 years later, no other mass volume car manufacturer has brought out a car with such good ride, doesn't that say something?

With total sales of nearly 1.5 million, how can this many people be wrong?

And if the person who wrote "air suspension or the turning headlights, these are old party tricks, nothing more" is so sure he's right, then why has Vauxhall copied the headlights and Rolls Royce paid for the use of Citroen's suspension on its cars? Rolls Royce is not a car manufacturer to make a mistake on ride quality is it?

I think it is one of the best cars too, but it's all down to personal opinion. And for the record, I'm not old and I don't drive one, but seriously wish I did. (I'm only 17 years old)

3rd Jun 2003, 05:04

Was Jaguar not the first with disc brakes on the Mark II?

7th Jun 2003, 14:07

With Reference to the above comment:

Afraid not, the Jaguar MK2 was introduced in 1959, but the Citroen was introduced in 1955.

But could be wrong on the Jaguar introduction date.

19th Nov 2003, 10:56

Two more safety firsts for the DS:

Crumple zones.

The engine is pushed underneath the passenger cell in a front impact.

6th Dec 2003, 03:44

Remember when you first passed your driving test? Every drive after that was an adventure. You didn't need a reason to hop in your car and go somewhere, you just did it because driving was such an exciting experience. Driving a Citroen DS is like that, it's an experience. The novelty never wears off. No other car offers the same driving experience. End of argument, game over.

10th Dec 2003, 11:33

I own a 1967 DS19a which I am currently restoring. Everyone who knows me always asks with genuine interest how the car is coming along. With one exception they all admire the DS's forward thinking design, and recognise that it was technologically advanced and will remain an icon of motoring history. The one exception - he drives a P-reg Nissan Primera diesel. NEED I SAY MORE!!

14th Dec 2003, 06:31

I saw a very sad thing yesterday. I was at a friend's house and we watched a automotive stunt film, and in the UK 8 DSes were set in a row and a man attempted to put a 1978 Chevy Impala (a big American car) through them all. Well, he succeeded in completely destroying 7 of the 8 DSes. I can't believe this was done, what a terrible choice of crash cars!

12th Feb 2004, 12:42

Re the last comment; all I can say is that it must say something about cultural differences.

There is no doubt that even now, having finally bought a DS after fifteen years of aspiration, I was surprised at the staggering amount of attention it receives. Looking at any movie from the sixties (for example Le Saumourai) there is no doubt that the feminine and full lines create an unusual, almost organic reaction in people, as though the car reminds them of some long lost love...

9th Apr 2004, 03:08

Quite simply the most beautiful and interesting car in the world ever!!! Nearest rival in my opinion is the Tatra 603 (Also from 1955 interestingly).

15th Jul 2004, 03:49

This is a reply to our friend you thinks that the DS is ugly and all the technology behind it are party tricks!

In my opinion the DS21 (and 23) is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and innovative car EVER MADE. No other car resembles the perfect aerodynamic shape (raindrop) and looks as near as good as the DS.

If I am not mistaken it had an aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cx) of 0.34 and that was in 1955!!!

The Hydropneumatic suspension gives it a ride quality that is still THE BEST in the world ever. I saw a road test comparing the ride quality of the DS to the "more modern" XM and the DS won hands down!

Roadholding is absolutely outstanding and although it understeers at the limit (mostly because of the 70%-30% weight distribution) its limits are SO high that you will never reach them. It will still put to shame a lot of so called "GTI's" on a twisty road.

The quick power assisted steering is still a revelation as they are the amazing brakes.

Interior space is Huge and few cars now provide so much space.

Believe or not the DS has an Aluminium Bonnet and a plastic (or fiber glass?) roof cover to save weight.

The turning headlamps was one of the best ideas ever to embrace the automotive industry. It's a shame that it was not followed by other marques in our time.

For me simply the DS is probably the best saloon car ever made.

1st Sep 2004, 14:10

I have to be slightly apologetic here to the owner of a souped up Renault who I followed across the winding roads of Dorset in my DS, up to an unmentionable speed. It was with ridiculous ease that I caught up on every corner and sat behind the aforementioned car at at a speed not in excess of twice the...

Ahem. As someone who has owned numerous cars, including a very fast V6 XM and a 2.5 TD Exclusive XM (in which, I must mention, I shall never forget the irritation of the driver of a Mercedes S320 owner, whose car I pulled away from up a dual carriageway hill in Devon with so much ease that he blew his horn as I pulled strongly past)... I am still very surprised at the sheer real-world performance of the DS. I wrote a comment on them some years back when owning such a vehicle was for me just a dream. Now I own four, in various states of repair. But each is a thrill to own. I suggest to anyone considering one that it is a car that will never fail to allure one and intrigue and allure others...