2012 Citroen DS4 THP 160 1.6 turbo petrol from Malaysia


Citroen had me in mind when they designed this


Alignment of steering required upon purchase.

Very faint rattle while accelerating from a start. Suspect that this coming from the steering column. Hardly noticeable, but since the car is very quiet inside, it can be heard by sharp ears.

Wiper is squeaky when the windscreen is almost dry.

General Comments:

Feature function wise vs price, one of the best buys in Malaysia right now.

New fully auto 6 speed AISIN gearbox. Much better than the EGS that I test drove. Drinks more though.

I booked the 6 speed manual 200 THP, but the dealer could not deliver the car, so they offered this at a good discount.

Feature filled; includes auto headlights, wipers, massage seat, headlights that turn with the steering, Bluetooth, and much more.

Panoramic windscreen offers a superb view, especially at night. On a hot and bright, sunny Malaysian day, you can bring down the shades and limit the amount of light into the car. A great feature.

Handles really well, and seems to be well screwed together. Materials used are top class. Watchstrap leather seats upfront are reminiscent of the Citroen Pallas from the 70s.

Pickup is great for an auto, but would have preferred the manual 200 THP.

Head turner for sure. My wife is keeping an eye on my activities.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2012

10th Nov 2012, 05:48

11500 kms update by owner.

Just had the car serviced, no issues to be reported. After 11K of driving, I realise that the auto gearbox is pretty good. It reminds me so much of my 1994 1.9i ZX, but with the ZX issues ironed out.

Had knocked into debris from an accident a couple of weeks ago (late night, and what seemed like a ripped off bumper that came off a large car). Net result was a missing fog light plastic casing and some scratches at the lower bumper.

Fuel consumption at 10,000 kms was at an average of 11.7 kms per litre. It seems to get better now; +12 kms per litre per tank full.

It's nice inside, and my family is comfortable on the longer distance trips.