11th Dec 2012, 21:31

15725 km update:

Made a 800 km round trip to Kuala Lumpur(KL), and the car started jerking after first 300 kms. Went to KL dealer and they changed the spark plugs and charged me for it. I was furious! I told them that I have a 300,000 km Berlingo, which I only changed the spark plugs once. How can spark plugs give problems after only 15,000 kms?

Returned home safely that same evening, but next morning the engine light turns on and I get a message that the engine needs repair. A revisit to the local service centre shows a faulty high pressure fuel pump. This was then changed under warranty. The car is running fine now. Glad that the fuel pump fault was detected during the warranty period.

30th Apr 2013, 20:35

33,000 km update :

30,000 km - Original battery replaced. The car would not start, and the error message that appeared did not say weak battery, but something like the ESP was disabled. The battery was not covered after 20,000 km apparently. Shame.

Finally managed to get the wheels balanced to perfection after changing to another tyre centre. The car is just brilliant now. No more more judders between 120-125 km/h.

Engine is superb. Quiet and torquey, it seems to like cruising at 200 km/h. Very composed at high speeds, the big tyres make a huge difference. To date, no complaints about the gearbox, but then I am not a traffic light burnout driver.

Chipped windscreen to be replaced next week. Insured for RM 4000, and the cost to replace it is under RM 3000. I have protective anti-smash tint, so that would incur additional costs, but still under the insured amount.

A little disappointed with the battery, but I guess I have been playing around with the welcome home lights with long delays etc. Cutting down on using that stuff. Let's see how long the new battery lasts.

Overall, for the cost of purchase and the resulting performance, fun factor and sheer road presence, this DS4 has been outstanding to date. The Jabber rear doors are far out!

29th Jun 2013, 20:26

40,400 kms update.

The car is running fine with no issues. Had a knock from behind last week. A domino type accident involving 4 vehicles, me being the first car; I was hit from behind. The damage is hardly noticeable, but I am claiming 3rd party as there are a couple of puncture holes in my bumper, and the rear lights on the hatch have popped out slightly.

The last vehicle (a 4wd Pajero) piled into the rear of a truck, which catapulted into the car that eventually crashed into mine. The freaking traffic police were issuing summonses just beside us, and my guess is that the Pajero driver had his eyes on the police when he crashed into the 5 tonner.

13th Jun 2017, 05:48

127,000 km update:

Lower mileage down these days due to my semi retirement. The car had an air-conditioner compressor replaced due to an internal fracture around 2 years ago @ 104,000 km, just past the warranty period. It's a Nippon Denso so I am a little surprised. Apart from that I have replaced a leaking thermostat housing which got progressively worse @ 120,000 km. One rear wheel ABS sensor changed at the last service. ABS light coming on intermittently.

Needs about 1-2 litres of engine oil topup for 10,000 km. If I keep speed below 120km/h it's even less.

Plan to keep it for a few years more.