19th Dec 2003, 09:34

In 1976 I bought a new GS Pallas in a glorious rich metallic dark bronze with "jersey" upholstery. The little 1222cc engine was a little underpowered, but very smooth. The oleo-pneumatic suspension was quite simply like a magic carpet; wonderful ride. DIY was difficult with a thousand sharp edges in the engine bay. Perversely, the oil filter sat on top of the engine! Easy to get at, but needed a towel to catch the oil when the filter was replaced. The inboard front discs were very effective, but tricky to work on.

A magical car very far ahead of its time. Shame it was made of such rust-prone steel; the rear wings rusted clean through where the inner wings were attached and the sills became filigree within 3 years! As a pilot I loved the car's "technical" feel. Thank you Citroen.

19th May 2006, 20:35

This "super-charged" GS sounds very interesting... if you're still out there please e-mail me with as many details as possible at zerakruva@yahoo.com. This goes for anyone else that has a valid idea on the subject.

11th Jan 2007, 18:12

My father bought his GS Pallas back in 78, I was only 4 at the time.

I remember the Citröen GS Pallas with joy, pleasure, plenty of family travels were made on it, and can still say it was a very very comfortable car.

Me and my family live on the South of Spain, but at the time we had a country house in North Western Spain, my mother is from there. We made this travel 2 o 3 times a year on our Citröen GS Pallas and we all had our history with it. My father didn't stop complaining about how slow and lazy the car was "take overs are almost impossible" he used to say, later, when I learnt to drive I discovered my father is a real "slow and lazy" driver. Poor car, he bear all the blame.

Regarding my mother, sister an me, the Citröen GS Pallas was a real pleasure for us, very very comfortable, stable with an excellent damping system, huge seats and plenty of space to move, and my sister and me moved a lot when we were kids.

I'd like to find one in good condition to buy it 'cause I'm sure it has to be a pleasure to drive such a classic-modern car.