1984 Citroen GSA Special 1.3 from Netherlands


One of a kind


I bought the car because it was cheap, and needed a car for a short time, so when I bought it, it had been lacking some TLC.

I changed the clutch, repaired rust holes, worked on the suspension, new exhaust, new tires, and general small maintenance.

I will have to work on the oil leakage it has, before it goes for a new MOT this summer. The GSA just leaks too much, actually it needs a nappy, which I find rather embarrassing.

General Comments:

Only a week after I purchased the car I knew I did not want to sell it again. I started investing in the car and used it as my daily car. I drove nearly 30 000Km in one year and it became very reliable.

Citroen GS was the first Citroen to be fully designed from "0" the design, engine and tires all fit together in harmony which makes this car so wonderful to drive. In the 1970's it became car of the year and it is a pity not more people recognise the quality of this French creation.

What I like most from the GSA is the large space at the back, you can practically transport anything and it does not matter how full it gets, the comfort stays. The suspension is so smooth, that taking speed-bumps nearly becomes enjoyable, especially when a GTI is behind you. Corners are also terrific and many people wonder how an old car with very thin tires can race though a corner and not topple over, just lots of fun.

At this moment I do not drive the car as I am overseas for a year, but it is something I am really looking forward to when I return home.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2005

28th Jul 2008, 14:32

I still have my GSA, and a lot has happened since my last review. I drove 240 000 km by now and she is still going strong. When I wrote my review the car was in storage because I was abroad for a couple of months. When I returned to Holland I repaired the oil leakage, unfortunately this went very wrong and I damaged the engine. I replaced the engine with a new (old) one, this has been relatively trouble free.

Since September 2005 I use the GSA as daily drive, even when I moved to Portugal I took the car with we (2600km drive in two days). The more I use the GSA the better she drives and still after all these years I enjoy driving it.

In Portugal I had a small accident with the car as someone drove into my side as I was parked, I had to replace my front and back door and had the complete car repainted. She looks as new again. To finish it off I also replace the interior for a X3 interior, I decided to keep the car as long as she goes.

Now I moved back to Amsterdam (with the car again) and still use her to commute to work, unfortunately she got hit by another car again whilst I was parked, no name, no number. Luckily it is only a small dent but a great shame as the car look like new.

1980 Citroen GSA Club 1.3 petrol from Norway


Very reliable comfort style-machine


Ignition problems, motor kept on going even after I took the key out. Only on very hot days.

Clutch wore out, due to age.

Front wheels wore out fast, due to a crash, which ruined the front wheel alignment.

General Comments:

Very nice comfort, drives long distances very smoothly.

Huge boot, very large door opening, since it's a hatchback.

Some problems with the ICE, since the head unit is between the seats.

Easy maintenance, very low on petrol, but have a history to leak oil. No problem, as all GSA's do this.

Hard to style, but it's so beautiful it doesn't need styling.

Parts may be difficult to get, easiest to get on a scrapyard...

Very comfortable back seat, it is a couch, instead of two seats, which makes it very good to lie and rest\sleep on.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003