1981 Citroen LNA 652 cc twin air-cooled from Netherlands


It's a very rare car nowadays, but fun to drive


The gasoline meter is incorrect.

The gasoline pump broke.

General Comments:

It is a small car, not for people over 1.80m but it's fast and very moveable in the city.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2000

6th May 2001, 06:23

I am very pleased to hear about these cars, as they are seen very seldom now, although their quality is very good. I have a 2 cylinder Visa, and know well about the reliability of these air cooled machines. Keep your LNA, as it will become more appreciated in some years because of its rarity.

27th Dec 2003, 12:26

I'm 1.86m and I'm very comfortable in my LNA 652cc (5cm over the head).This car is not only a city car:i take many long range trips at 130km/h on the highways without any problems and the top speed (without wind) is 140km/h, but it's possible to go faster winth wind behind (155km/h registered!).The engine is economic (6 litres at 130km/h) and very durable (170 000km now!)


6th Apr 2006, 12:53

I thought these were not true Citroens, but rebadged and mildly restyled Peugeot 104's... good to hear you like the car though.

19th Nov 2006, 05:06

The above commenter is correct - they are a badge engineered Peugeot 104.

I think the only engine was Peugeot's own 1.1 litre 4 cylinder unit. They never had the flat twin engine.

28th Jan 2017, 22:14

Yes, the LNA had an air-cooled version using a development of the 2CV engine as used in the Visa. These cars are now very rare and shared a similar body with Peugeot.