2002 Citroen Picasso SX 2.0 HDI from UK and Ireland


A Comforable economical cruiser



General Comments:

Engine bit noisy for a modern Diesel

Gearbox whine in 2/3rd on overrun, but is apparently characteristic with all of them, and can live with it.

Seats are more comfortable than a Rolls Royce and the most comfortable drive I have ever had in 35 yrs of driving a lot of different cars.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2002

2002 Citroen Picasso Exclusive 2.0HDi from UK and Ireland


I would buy another one.


Fuel gauge inaccurate, shows tank is empty when it isn't.

Horn stopped working.

Plastic bush in wiper linkage had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I've had Citroen in the past and have always found them comfortable, but the Picasso takes it to the next level. We are a family of five and find it brilliant for any distance.

The model I have is the Exclusive with all the toys. The automatic climate control is fantastic.

The full glass sun roof makes the interior feel even bigger. I am 6ft tall and the roof must be at least 8 inches from the top of my head.

The drive is excellent, very smooth with good acceleration and brakes to match.

I have covered 13800 miles in only four months from new and apart from the three problems mentioned above, two of which the dealer fixed no problem right away the car has been 100% in every other way.

The fuel gauge issue is about to be resolved with re-programming the on board computer, the dealer has been very good, always approachable and happy to help.

The economy of the car is, in my case on average 54mpg, this is a mix of city, town, motorway and A roads which I think is excellent as its not a small vehicle.

It is the perfect family car with comfort, style, economy, performance and storage. Its only a group 7 to insure and falls into the £105.00 per year tax band.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2002

30th Jan 2003, 13:37

We have a 2.0 HDi Exclusive and it is impossible to get more than 35 MPG - and that's with the air con off!

21st Jun 2003, 16:33

I too have a 2.0 HDI Exclusive with only 1100 miles on the clock and although not yet run in, I am getting 49 mpg.

16th Jun 2005, 02:48

I purchased a Citroen picasso Exclusive 2.0 HDI in February 2005 after 8 weeks the drivers mirror did not fold back electronically and the trim around the rear nearside passenger door window button fell off.

I previously owned a 1.6 petrol Picasso and got about 350 miles to a full tank.

With the diesel version I am only getting 350 - 400 miles to a full tank no matter how I drive the vehicle the economy does not seem to change.

This is surely not right.

It has been back to the garage twice and they still tell me they can find nothing wrong with it.

2002 Citroen Picasso SX 2.0HDI from UK and Ireland


Perfect family transport at bargain price


Radio / CD player reverts back to CD when engine re-started which means radio has to be manually re-selected if required.

Rear seats rattle when unoccupied.

All the door seal rubbers creak as the car moves. These seals require regular "greasing" with silicone spray to stop creaks.

General Comments:

Very good, roomy and comfortable car. Quite capable of carrying 5 adults in complete comfort.

The ride is smooth without the 'wallow' you can get on MPV type high ride cars.

The engine is a peach. Returning between 49 & 55MPG from new with the air con running. Smooth power delivery and easy cruising on motorways.

Kids love the great view and the seat back trays and all the extra space for toys etc.

Best car I've owned and only £12000 OTR.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002

30th Oct 2005, 17:50

With regards to the door seals Citroen know about the fault. Tell your garage to look at Citroen Technical Bulletin Folder 8 File number 30. This explains the problem. With certain dealers they fit a clear silicon tape to the front door edges and with others they replace the seals. My dealer fitted the tape--silence--- I can now here the seats creak!!!