2003 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Excellent, quick, fun fast car!!!


Nothing. It is an excellent reliable car, same as my previous Saxo 1.1.

General Comments:

It's plenty fast enough. On UK roads there no point in buying Subarus, Porsches or Ferraris as they're to just too fast. A VTR gives you a taste of acceleration and top speed, and is very cheap to run and very reliable.

The power steering is very light, and the tyres grip like they're on rails, but the brakes are a bit spongy, and you have to press hard for them to work, but everything else is spot on.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

2003 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland




Nothing serious gone wrong at all, just normal wear and tear.

A new drive shaft on the front off side; that is it.

General Comments:

I love the car. I have owned a Ford Escort RS Turbo, Ford Escort XR3i and Fiesta XR2i; the VTR was faster than all of these.

It really does corner like it's on rails. I respect Citroen for the way the car handles.

0-60 = 7.1 seconds, top speed = 143mph. The car is modded to show car standard.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

14th Aug 2008, 12:44

Whats mods have you done to the engine?

9th Nov 2008, 13:47

VTR is 9s to 60, and top speed is 120! But still, nippy little runners.

2003 Citroen Saxo 1.4i from UK and Ireland




The washer bottle had a hole in it, which was a simple repair.

General Comments:

My Sax 1.4 has quicker acceleration 0-60 than the standard VTR; the top end has done 111 due to my air induction kit, and the fact that the car hasn't been ragged about.

I thought I'd put a comment on here seeing as everyone seems to think that 1.4's don't have quick acceleration.

Soon to have a new bonnet made of fiberglass, should be taking away some 6 kg from the original as I am stripping the car out.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

11th Aug 2008, 15:09

It doesn't have quicker acceleration than a VTR. How do I know? because my family has two Saxo's. A Furio (1.4) and a VTR (1.6). Thank you.

2003 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i 8v from UK and Ireland


Quick, Fun and Reliable


The only thing that has gone wrong is the airbag light flashing within a few months of buying the car. It was booked in at Citroen and fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

I bought this car in July 2006 from a local Citroen dealer after my girlfriend and I were browsing for a car for her.

It was an YF03 reg with 1 lady owner from new, 12,000 miles on the clock with full dealer service history and full 12 months MOT.

I bought it on the Wednesday and picked it up on the Saturday - the power difference between my Westcoast Saxo and the VTR was quite a bit.

I have now owned it for 10 months and I'm still loving it. It's been lowered 50mm all round, upgraded speakers/headunit, added a panel filter and strut braces.

The whole car is a pleasure to drive, comfortable and very reliable. I have done 14,000 miles and NOTHING has gone wrong *touches wood*.

You won't be disappointed.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2007

2003 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Fun little car


Wheel balancing.

The car was making a tapping noise. It turned out to be a worn valve shim. A common fault apparently.

General Comments:

I previously owned Saxo Furio, and had been wanting a new car for a while. I was either going to get a BMW 318 coupe, or a Saxo VTR. I am 18 and felt I was a little young for a BMW. The VTR caught my eye because of its age, only 3 years old and low mileage, 21000. It is also red, my favourite colour. I have heard storys about saxo’s being unreliable and potentially unsafe, but I like these cars and I have had few problems with the previous one.

To look at the car it is much the same as the furio. It has arches, front fog lamps, nice exhaust tip and a spoiler. It also has 14 inch alloy’s which I think suite the car. It does have that boy racer image and I have only added to that by fitting some LED back lights. I find the interior to be much more conservative on the VTR than in the Furio. It has a simple square pattern on black material. It also has black carpets and a black plastic dash board, although those white dials make a lot of difference. The interior does feel a bit cheap.

The driving position is good in my opinion with the steering wheel not set to far to one side and at a good height. The seats are like semi-bucket seats. They have high sides and lumber support as well as the side bolsters. The foot well is a bit cramped though and I have trouble on occasion when driving in my work shoes.

The gear change is precise, but I have to stretch forward a bit to put it into first although that isn’t much of a problem.

The car handles well, as it should do for a hot hatch. It sticks to bends, but would be more fun with low profile tyres like the Fiesta Zetec S. The steering is pretty much point and go and it is weighted well, you get enough information to no what is going on and at the same time you're not battling with the steering wheel.

The brakes on this car or good, but not great. I think a small car with all round disks should be able to stop a bit better than this. Although they do the job and are years ahead of the brakes on the Furio.

Fuel consumption is good. The engine doesn’t have much car to haul around so this gives 44mpg according to the figures.

The engine on this car is a good one. It has lots of torque. On paper 100 is not much, but for such a light car it makes all the difference, as does the 98bhp. Once the car reaches 4000rpm it puts you back in the seat in 1st and 2nd gear. My Furio was different, It seemed to be more low end power, where as the VTR seems to have more in common with a 16 valve engine. It will pull all the way to the red line should you ever want to. The car still pulls very well in 3rd and 4th, but 5th is nothing special. So far I have took the car to 125mph just to see if the claims are true and for the fun of it of course. The VTR feels almost fast to me, and then I remember that there is a quicker one out there, the VTS…one day perhaps.

The VTR is great car for a young person. I say this because of the image it has. If you treat and drive these cars with respect then you will have little trouble with them. People always complain that the VTR’s and VTS’s break easily, but I think this is because of the speed that they can take corners and how quickly they can accelerate, especially with the VTS. Thrashing them around a lot will break them.

I will probably keep mine for the next 3 or 4 years.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2006

4th Apr 2007, 11:53

Update from the author.

I've had the car 6 monthes now. I am still happy with it. The MOT was done recently on it and it failed on a tyre and the back brake pads. I also serviced it. One thing that is bothering me is a bit of a rattle from the boot lid that I can't locate.

I had the car remapped for torque so it is quick around town if you need to be. Also you don't need to rev it much at all as it will pull from 2000rpm as if it is at 4000rpm.

If anyone is thinking off getting a VTR then I would recommend it. Service it every 9 months or so. And get a remap if you are not satisfied with the power.