14th Feb 2001, 08:45

Strange, don't you think, that Citroen is almost the same word as LEMON in most other languages?

18th Feb 2001, 01:51

I have found the rattle in my 2001 VTS, the handbrake cable is loose and is rattling on the underside of the car, getting it fixed on first service. Door rattles seem to have settled down now.

23rd Feb 2001, 17:03

I've done in excess of 5000 miles in my Saxo VTS and (touch wood) I've had no problems with it at all.

Admittedly Citroen haven't got the same interior build quality as say a Volkswagen, but then again think what kind of Volkswagen you can get for 12K.

6th Mar 2001, 06:04

My VTS has a rattle coming from the centre console. Been to the garage and they tried without success to fix the problem. Performance excellent though.

6th Mar 2001, 18:08

I have a 1999 mk2 VTS, I've read other comments concerning the engine sounding rough when in idle, I have this problem as well. I think it sounds like either the tappets are worn, or the cams on the way out, this is just a guess, I've only had my VTS 4 weeks.

6th Apr 2001, 05:31

Hardened suspension will lead to more rattles!!!

8th Apr 2001, 01:33

My 2000 VTS seems very rough on tick-over and also at low revs in normal driving. Also there seems to be an anoying squeak from the passenger window when on uneven road. Has anyone had problems with the petrol gauge. The level on mine seems to change if you turn off and back on again. Ie Empty to a Quarter.

10th Apr 2001, 00:01

My 2001 VTS, 4mts old, rattles more when it is cold or damp! The passenger side windows seems to make the most noise with other unsettling noises coming from all around. The idle is rough, the revs 'bounce' up and down and the car seems to want to stall. The other thing that I have noticed is that the top of the engine, the bit with the Citroen sticker on it has discolored at the front in the middle, it has turned orange from heat, is this normal? also after checking the oil there seems to be too much in there, is that normal? apart from that, good performance, apart from the flat spot between 3-4000rpm.

19th Apr 2001, 16:29

It's nice to see some of your comments to my original post.

The low rumbling noise has now been fixed by the dealer (it was the exhaust down pipe bracket mis-aligned).

I have only had the infamous engine stall and die once at traffic lights, and one instance when it went revving to 1500 rpm of its own accord.

I still have the intermittent rattle from under the bonnet only when the engine is at optimum temperature when at idle speed. This one has foxed me completely.

I must admit my confidence in this car is at its lowest ebb, I'm seriously wondering whether I should have gone for the VW Polo GTi.

Ah well! You get what you pay for I suppose.

14th May 2001, 04:49

I have a Citroen saxo VTS and have had it for 2 months brand new. I have had problems with the throttle cable rubbing on the exhaust manifold. This is very annoying, when the car hits 3000 rpm a vibrating feeling can be heard and felt on the foot pedal. The dealer are looking at this, but I am hoping that it gets fixed on a car that is not very well built.

28th May 2001, 01:55

I have just bought a new VTS to replace my 94L 106XSi 1.4. I have to say that I am delighted with 95% of the VTS. So far I have not encountered most of the problems reported on these pages except the extremely annoying grating vibration through the accelerator pedal at 3-3250 revs in every gear. However, since I rarely drive at 60mph (which is affected in 5th gear) It won't bother me too much!! I am disappointed by the nasty plastic steering wheel - it could have been a bit more sporty surely!! And the seats could have been lowered a bit. The engine has a lot of smooth power but does not feel as instantly responsive as my old 106 but it is not run in yet so I'll wait and see. Overall though an excellent little car.

15th Oct 2001, 10:07

I have also just brought a VTS, it's about a month old now. The driver's window is loose fitting and at over 70mph air-noise can be heard. I have also noticed a vibration through the pedal, will now have a look to see if the cable is touching the manifold?

I would say that build quality is nothing compared to a Jap or German car... but its only gotta last me a couple of years before I get a Honda Civic Type-R.

Hope all your problems are sorted out ;-)


16th Jan 2002, 04:59

Many saxos have rattles and squeaks, its not a merc you know. Handbrake cable slacking off is also common, its an easy job to tighten it back up.

30th Jan 2002, 11:43

Running in any engine by keeping below 3000 rpm for the first 500 miles then below 3500 till 1000 miles is a VERY good idea. Reduces oil consumption in later engine life, and helps everything bed in. Those who say engines come pre-run in or don't need to be driven carefully when new, are the same hooligans not to buy a second hand car from. The sad fact with the Saxo is a potentially great car is humbled in terms of reliability by vehicles like the Fiesta and Corsa. Being faster than any other small hatch isn't much use when your car keeps breaking down. Citroen take note.