30th Apr 2001, 04:15

Regards your dealer telling you the squealing from your brakes at low speeds is normal, I have not experienced that at all in the 2000+miles I have driven so don't take the dealers word for it. Print a few reviews off this site and let him see it isn't normal. If no luck try a few different dealers. Let us know how you get on.

2nd May 2001, 06:40

I bought a VTR in February.

After a few months (600 miles) I took it back to the dealer with complaints that the speaker casing rattled on both front and back left hand side speakers - and that the brakes were not working too well.

I was told over the phone that the brakes were probably bedding in still and that I should leave everything until the 1000 miles checkup. However, I persisted in taking it to the dealer (Winchester), to fix the speaker rattling.

I was told that I was expecting too much for my money!! Surely when you spend £9000 for a brand new car - you don`t expect the speakers to rattle!!!

A few weeks later I received a letter from citroen recalling my car for faults on the braking control system!!!

This particular dealer has been a nightmare - although I have been to other dealers that have been very helpful (Woden Motors - Walsall).

Also, recently the front drivers seat has developed a terrible squeak.

However - The performance of the car is absoluetly magnificent and I have no complaints at all about the engine and handling... Its just the many other niggles that spoil the enjoyment.

Chris Wilkinson

29th May 2001, 03:47

Hi I wrote this review and would like to update it as something has gone wrong! The paint on the front spoiler just below the bumper is peeling away. I've shown the dealer and they want me to book it in to be done under warranty. I am still amazed that I got no argument. My old FIAT dealers could learn a lesson or two.

27th Jun 2001, 06:42

Hi again.

Wrote the comments above about my VTR going in for it's 1000-mile service.

Suffice to say that the brakes no longer squeal, they fixed the airbag light, and the engine has settled down after they downloaded something by computer - very pleasing to see that a Citroen dealer (Small Heath, Birmingham) can get it right, after reading all the bad press about them.

Anyway, the car has now done just over 3000 miles, and apart from the drivers side coat hook coming off (which I still have to get fixed) the car is fantastic. I cannot believe that a car with so much go in it can still give over 45mpg (I did run it in gently though), it actually managed 52mpg on a trip to London recently!

Also, it corners like it's on rails if you push it a little - I just love it!!

4th Jul 2001, 03:46

Hi, I wrote the review and the comment regards the paint coming off my front spoiler below the black bumper. Well a big thank you to Churchbridge Motors (Citroen), they collected the car from my place while I was away in London for 2 weeks. They brought into their body-shop, re-sprayed the front spoiler, and returned the car washed and looking like the day I bought it. That's what I call service!

17th Aug 2001, 06:07

I have got a VTR that has now done 15500 miles from new (May 2000). It has had its first proper sevice, 12500 miles, and apart from the mpg figures getting better!?! I have had absolutely no problems.

This car is just stunning in the handling dept, but one niggle is the fact that after only 15500 miles the Michelin Pilots on the front are going to need replacing soon. Maybe it's my driving style, maybe it's the handling that teases me into corners quicker than I would go into in any other car. Ho hum.