24th Aug 2001, 05:21

Borrowed my friend's 1.6 VTS, great handling and performance, crap interior and seats that are too high, drinks petrol even when I was cruising on A roads, very very poor build quality.

Would like to buy one if Citroen could sort out the interior, seats, build quality and poor fuel economy.

29th Aug 2001, 06:19

My VTR has scratches across the dash including the buttons adjacent to the hazard light button and the hazard light button itself was proud of the dash. I complained to the Citroen Customer Services and the dealer I bought the car from replaced the scratched glove box and re-fitted the hazard light button so it was flush.

My advice would be to make a list, may be even a formal letter (as I did) and present it to your dealer and demand (politely) that they fix all items listed under warranty. Be assertive but do not kick and scream abusive comments as a friend did, it won't get you anywhere!

7th Sep 2001, 10:00

With regards to the comment on Complaining to Citroen UK Customer services department, it doesn't work! I can't remember how many times I called them & got nowhere, I even asked to speak to the manager, but as far as they are concerned is "the car is sold". I got more satisfaction from shouting and balling at the service manager in the middle of the showroom about the shoddy work they had done on my car, at least it got me somewhere & it makes you feel good when people looking round the showroom for a car see what they are buying & walk out!!

24th Oct 2001, 07:33

I have taken a lack of confidence in the Citroen Servicing / Dealership network, by forgoing my warranty and servicing the car myself. I'm sure as hell not paying Citroen over £100, for an oil change, even if they do check lots of other things!

The checks include things the average driver would check on a weekly / monthly basis anyway. I was caught out once because I hadn't filled my windscreen washer bottle before a servicing, I was charged a silly amount of money for the Citroen approved additive and some water, on top of the cost of the servicing. Once bitten...

The car is a nippy, reliable little motor and for the money, you can't really argue. If you have any major problems then there are plenty of Citroen specialists out there, who 9/10 times are ex-Citroen mechanics and can do the work for a lot less. You pay peanuts for the car, but Citroen will get the rest of the money from you later after a few costly servicings / repairs.

7th Jan 2003, 06:30

I've got a 1.4 Furio 2001. Bought from Hampshire. Basingstoke dealers very good when I'm parting with my £7500 for the car, but now they have the money, they have some how lost interest in keeping me happy!? I wonder why!

Brakes are rubbish, Gearbox is rubbish, interior is rubbish, comfort is rubbish, speakers are rubbish, clutch is rubbish, performance OK, but spec is laughable!

I'm trading it in for a 307 HDI asap! Anyone interested in a Saxo!!!