15th May 2001, 03:25

If I wanted practical I'd buy a mini.

23rd Jun 2001, 03:43

You can't fit an engine from an Escort RS Cosworth into a Saxo VTS. It just won't go in. I'm afraid you've been caught out!! There is not a hope in hell of getting a Cossie engine in a Saxo VTS. That is, unless, the car was COMPLETELY stripped and rebuilt around the new engine, unlikely, me thinks.


Pro. Ford Cosworth Tuner.

3rd Jul 2001, 02:56

Well of course it was, do you really think that I didn't know that before I bought the engine. And anything can be made to fit if you throw enough money at it, and I threw thousands at this baby.

5th Aug 2001, 17:17

What a load of ****. There is no possible way on this earth that you could fit an RS Cossie engine in a Saxo. Even if you stripped the whole car, it still wouldn't fit in. The dimensions are too large. The depth of a Cossie engine is so much that it would end up being where your front axle is... to fit it in lengthways, You would have to chop the front of your Saxo off and weld in an extra few inches in order to do it... The Cossie lump is an extra 32cm longer than a Saxos and 11 cm wider... even if you did fit the engine in, where would you put the intercooler, alternator, air box, starter motor etc?

Besides, there isn't a Saxo gearbox on this earth that you could mate to a Cossie engine, let alone handle the standard 220bhp... even SST haven't got one that good yet.

I'm sorry mate, but I think we'd have seen it in a mag by now anyway... wake up from your dream eh?

9th Feb 2003, 10:25

To be honest mate, even if you could fit a cossy engine into a Saxo engine bay, there is no way on this planet that it could do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds!! The Saxo is possible the smallest hot hatch around and weighs about as much as my 6 year old sister, how can you pull away that fast and not wheel spin??

Fair play if you have done it, which I very much doubt, but I think maybe you have insecurities in your life!!

Sorry PAL!

11th Oct 2004, 06:36

Cosworth YB in a saxo? I think not.

Please someone spare him the humiliation and have him shot - before he makes any more stupidly amusing claims, such as having a rocket propelled hand grenade.


11th Oct 2004, 07:25

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Being an Escort Cosworth owner I really fail to see how you could get all the management and general engine workings to fit in your saxo! If you wanted a fast car, why did you buy a Saxo in the first place?

11th Oct 2004, 08:14

The rear engined 106 was just an RS Turbo engine though wasn't it? Can't see it being possible to fit a Cossie engine into a Saxo.

11th Oct 2004, 10:27

2.9 seconds

That's faster Than Martin Rayland's (EX) Escort.

11th Oct 2004, 14:19

Hey, look at his other car:


12th Oct 2004, 06:34

Erm, can I just say, I think most of you are jumping on the bandwagon here. It clearly is possible with the aid of one-off propshafts etc etc. With the right amount of knowledge and cash, this would be a project that worked.

I have seen it done in a 206.

Why not a Paxo??

As much as I hate Saxo drivers... I dare someone to PROVE it can't be done with a good reason.

13th Oct 2004, 15:12

Cheers for brightening my day.

14th Oct 2004, 04:23

I don't doubt it COULD be done, but what I do doubt is the fact it has been done in this case. A 0-60 in 2.9s would make it one of the quickest cars on the UK roads, if this was the case I'm sure it would've been in at least one of the modifying mags by now. Indeed, I remember seeing a 206 WRC replica with the Cosworth engine and full 4wd running gear in it. Even that didn't do the 0-60 in under 3 seconds.

14th Oct 2004, 12:23

Surely reaching 179mph has more to do with the gear ratios, not engine size?? With a long enough runway, and a 1.1 fiesta, with massively long 6/7 speed gearbox, could reach 179mph? (of course, it won't get there quickly...)

18th Oct 2004, 13:08

Did you measure that 2.9 seconds whilst driving off a cliff?

And did you actually spend £7 on a cosworth sticker to put on top of your engine?

25th Oct 2004, 06:16

I have just purchased a loan of 100k and have decided to buy a good car! Any chance of selling me the fastest car in the world. (The beast Saxo)

I will send you 100k in pound coins is that OK? Oh can you send me details of the max vertical height the car can fly so I can buy the correct oxegen tank and mittens.

29th Jun 2005, 11:08

Err I have a question?? if you wanted a really fast car then why would you buy a saxo?? and if you did actually put over £7k into this saxo why not just put that £7k and the price of the VTS into buying another faster car?? hmmm I wonder if anyone on here actually believes him? :s.

15th Jul 2005, 09:54

This is the funniest conversation I have ever come across, considering it was probably written by a twelve year old having a laugh, I can't believe everyone has taken it so seriously...excellent!

5th Oct 2005, 08:26

Well I think Saxo VTS are good in performance for only having 120 bhp. They do beat a lot of higher brake horsed cars as standard (e.g ST170 Focus, Cav SRi 150bhp redtop.

It's simple to see the difference between a 1.1 and a VTS from distance (open your eyes).

I have a VTS, and have done mods to it; not body kits or anything, but engine. I've spent a lot of money getting BHP. In the end I got 204bhp at the wheels, turbo tho etc... very quick.

But LOL putting a Cossie engine in is possible as its been done before, but the work that had to be done was stupid. The only thing to do with a Saxo was the shell.


9th Dec 2006, 16:54

Stumbled on this by accident. Hilarious. Besides all the engine stuff - ain't escort brake discs 4 stud and the saxo is 3 stud? More fiction.

11th Dec 2006, 02:33

Wait until you're fed up of wading through 20 comments to actually find some useful info, it gets dull very quickly.

Most Saxos are 4-stud, only some older boggo basic ones are 3-stud - a throwback to the AX underpinnings.

13th Feb 2007, 04:31

Rear engined? Maybe, but you didn't mention 4WD, 60 is not possible from a rear or front wheel drive hot hatch in under 3 seconds.

20th Apr 2007, 16:25

"Polishing a turd". 2.9 seconds to 60? I don't know saxo's, they are little hacthbacks though aren't they?? and someone who can't spell "thought" has managed to create a car that outperforms a Lotus Exige S? And people are debating if it's true...

26th Apr 2007, 07:38

And then its no longer a saxo anymore is it?

4th Oct 2007, 12:19

14th Oct 2004, 12:23.

A 1.1 fiesta do 179mph? You could probably get another 10mph at a push if you changed the ratios. It simply doesn't have the power, the faster you go the more power you need to keep you at that speed.