25th Apr 2008, 16:27

Well guys, you are wrong.

There is a Pug 205 with Supra mechanicals.

There is a Pug 106 with engine 4wd and diffs from a Cossie.

There are many rear engined Rallyes/VTS's (bike engine or not).

Here in Greece, there has been a Nissan GTi-R * (engine and 4 wheel drive train) in a 106.

Also I've seen a 106 with heavily modified Nissan Silvia (SR20 DET) engine and complete rear axle with a tranny from an Alfa Romeo 75.

Many things can be done with the proper amount of money, a stripped car and an engineer with the right skills (Also much TIG needed... !Q!!)

As for the Cossie engine...

Take a look at this:




A 205 Mi 32 (Mi 16 in front & same back...):


205 Supra:


Only thing I doubt about is the 0-60.

Just a bit too low...

1st May 2008, 03:04

I just spent 5 min of my life reading this crap and I love Saxos. I have a VTS and was hoping to get it up from 150 bhp to 180 bhp. As for sticking a cossie in a Saxo, why would you waste your time. And the lad who wrote this only commented 3 times. I think he just wanted to annoy people and waste time. Well I want my 5 minutes back.

1st May 2008, 15:30

Do you think you can get a Saxo to 60 in 2.9 seconds? Anyone whom knows what they are talking about, knows why I am not going to say any more.

12th May 2008, 11:39

Anything is possible :D

3rd Oct 2008, 06:23

Look at this months French Car Mag, and there it is a 106 Cossie. So it does fit.

26th Oct 2008, 14:48

It's possible as a Cosworth engine was put in the engine bay of a 106, and Saxo engine bays are the same hence, the same engines (VTS/GTi).

You could get 0-60 in 2.9 seconds if you had all the correct running gear (4wd etc.), but the driver would also need good reactions for a perfect launch and swift gear changes.

It's all possible, but I doubt this person had done it as you could only just get a turbod 300hp VTS built for 7k, never mind a cossie engine, running gear and all the fabrication and fittings.

27th Oct 2008, 08:19

The Cossie engine might fit in the back of a VTS if you stripped it out? You could fit a gear box that could handle the power, and you could convert it to 4 wheel drive. I doubt 7 grand would cut it anyway, you'd need a lot more.

27th Oct 2008, 11:13

Why are you all saying put 4wd drive in? Surely to get the best launch you would want rear wheel drive, also it would be a lot easier install. Hence why cars like the Ariel Atom achieve such times.

4th Dec 2011, 09:22

My Saxo does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, and the 1/4 mile in 9.89. It'll be at the Pod in 2 weeks.