12th Nov 2001, 02:52


Take that last posting back. Just checked my engine and there was hardly any feckin oil in it. Still enough not to do any damage but scary the amount it's gone through.

Stuck in some BP Visco 7000, not cheap but good oil (0/40).

12th Jan 2002, 17:20

Citroen Glasgow are useless. I bought a Saxo from them last year and had loads of stupid little rattles and build quality problems. It was at the dealers 8 times in a year and they couldn't do anything with it. Just sold it and bought a Mondeo 1.8LX. It might not look spectacular, but is a million miles better to drive than my Saxo. Hard to believe that the Saxo was voted Max Power car of the year, but then I suppose that says it all about the mentality of it's readers. The good thing is that because it is the favourite car of daft 17 yr old boy racers, it is in demand and retains its value quite well so I didn't take much of a hit when selling it.

17th Jan 2002, 10:37

To the man with the Mondeo, I find you comments about daft 17yr old's interesting. I'm 27, specialise in IT & Telecoms and I've got my own company. I bought a VTS because all the figures make sense!!

In terms of sorting stuff under warranty Citroen been really good. Fixed loads of rattles, replaced the heater fan, alarm and boot seal. Generally very good, and they get things done quickly. They are the main Citroen dealer. Sales support was good as well.

A bad experience has soured and clouded your judgment. your entitled to your opinions but they're not supported by the majority!!

The fact that young lad's buy the VTR's is co's the look good, handle very well and are pretty quick for not a lot of cash.

If you'd said you bought an ST24 Mondeo then I'd have given your comments a little more respect. You obviously know very little about performance cars.

P.s (own a Suzuki GSXR600Y as well)