1st Aug 2003, 05:10

We had a Westcoast for 5 years and nothing went wrong with it. Due to this we have just purchased a new VTS. The build is better than the westcoast not that it was a problem in the first place. These are featherweight cars that are not over-engineered. Unsure of performance as currently running car in. However it is not very economical at moment, but this could be due to the new engine still being tight.

7th Sep 2003, 09:20

Well, I've just bought a Saxo Vts, second hand from a non Citroen dealer. Picking it up on Monday (8th September 2003) I've read such mixed reviews, people saying it's awful, people saying it's good! I'm a little worried to be frankly honest, if the thing starts playing up I'll just get rid I think!

Although I've read reviews on here for such cars as Volkswagen's and they're the same, but mostly bad reviews for the VW's!!

Anyway I'll post again in a week after I've got it and given it a good hard drive.

21st Jan 2004, 15:09

In response to the first post. It's not good when that happens on a motorway, but if you want to talk about getting real, then a real fact is that can happen at any time to any make of car. My previous car was a brand new Focus, and a similar thing happened to me. Agreed, it's scary, but it's not a Citroen thing.

The Saxo VTS has never been and has never claimed to be a high build quality car. Its sales have been based largely upon no frills fun throughout the range, which brings me onto your last comment about cheaper and faster cars out there. If there is a cheaper and faster car than the Saxo VTS, I'd be interested to know. As the saying goes, the Saxo is cheap as chips, and you get what you pay for. With regards to performance, I have yet to be disappointed or made to look silly in that department. It's other drivers that look the fools trying to take on the VTS. This car does not demand respect in the performance stakes; it earns it.

You would be hard pushed to find any VTS owners crowing about how good the build quality of their cars is; this car is not bought for that, it's a cheap, no frills, exceptional performance car that has tons of fun... now that's getting real.

It's a bit like pop idol really, let the public decide, and they have - its not as popular as it is for nothing... it's a blast.

When the time comes for pipe and slippers, I'll trade it in for something comfy, safe and reliable. I hope that day never comes.

5th Mar 2004, 15:18

As the original owner of this post I have to say with sadness that its time for me to move on. In just over a week I take delivery of my new car, but I did say in my original post I was planning my next Vts. Well I did consider it, but the choice now is amazing. Citroen have updated with the c2 Vtr (Vts on the way),Civic type R, Pug 180,Mini cooper s..it's a hard choice and made more difficult being a Vts owner. Yes all of these cars are better built now and all will out perform the Vts, but for fun it was one hell of a car and its memories will always remain fond. Yes I had the odd problem with it, but that happens to all cars at the end of the day. I would highly recommend this car to anyone, owning a Vts is one of these things you are better for doing.. thanks Citroen.

A final note about my new car, one I forgot to mention was Renaults new 182,that's my new car and its the king.. according to Evo and Car mag this month. Its took on all the above rivals and comes out tops.. something in my mind the Vts has done for years.

Smiles per mile... goodbye Vts...hello 182 ;-)

8th Apr 2006, 12:14

Don't you mean its just a bit faster than the vtr?

26th Apr 2006, 13:40

I don`t get the Golf comment?? WTF??? I wrote the original review to inform people what a VTS is like, it`s a Saxo VTS review, not an invitation for people to tell me what car they own. If it makes you feel better the whooopy doo, you own a Golf. Now off you pop, go find a MK1 Golf forum to bash the bishop over!