27th Oct 2002, 07:15

No offense, but the design of the saxo isn't based on the AX, it's based on the Peugeot 106.

My first car was an AX like yours (1.0 petrol version) and although the handling was surprisingly good when driven it's no match in any way for a VTS (I just bought one so I know the difference).

1st Nov 2002, 14:32

Neither the vts or ax are the best handling small hatch on the road.

10th Nov 2002, 06:29

Then which one is? The only car that comes close (or equal) is the Zetec-s (fair is fair) but it hasn't got the power of the VTS.

21st Dec 2002, 15:10

The Saxo is based on the 106, which in turn, is based on the AX. All three cars are very similar.

31st Mar 2003, 07:06

I own a Zetec-S fiesta and must admit in standard form your VTR's are just slightly quicker 0-60. I used to find myself level with your rear quarter pannel, but could out run them top end. However, I've fitted a chip, cat back exhaust and induction kit and I now see around 133-135 BHP and can out run a VTS. I have friends and family with VTR's and VTS's and all I ever hear are reliability issues and rattles. I don't think you can draw me away from my fiesta with your french hatch. Sorry lads, the free insurance may make this the best selling hot hatch, but not the BEST HOT HATCH BY FAR!!!

4th Jul 2003, 04:15

Is the Saxo the best hot hatch by far? Well the VTS (along with its twin the 106GTI) have proven this on tracks and in magazine roadtests for the last few years. The only real contender is the new Mini Cooper S which has better build quality, less space and costs nearly half as much again. I'd say in terms of performance for pound value the Saxo could well be the best car on the road today.

8th Aug 2003, 04:03

I have recently bought a new saxo vts and I can't get enough of it. There's not many other little 1.6 cars you can buy that you can have so much fun in. I also have usual little rattles from trim, but I can live with that!!!

23rd Jan 2004, 11:49

I am still laughing my head off at the guy who foolishly believes his Fiesta with induction kit and chip will see of a Vts. Come on, it's a Fiesta for gods sake. I have a Vts and there is now way a 130 bhp (On a rolling road no doubt lol) Fiesta will leave a Vts for dead. Don`t forget you have chipped and inducted your little school run car, do the same to a Vts and Whoaaaa!Going back to the other comments I had an Ax Gt500 and before that a Visa Gti. The visa was a cracker as was the Axgt, but i`m sorry guys, the Axgt is miles behind the Vts when it comes to road holding.

25th Oct 2004, 05:31

Who cares? vts's aint that fast anyway, I leave em in my Ibiza GTi.

25th Dec 2004, 12:41

No seat gti does that to a vts. you have a quick car, but no. must have been a west coast badged as a vts.

6th Apr 2005, 13:24

Come on guys! Who-ever says 106's are crap should have a rethink! J. Clarkson reviewed the 106 GTI and it is one of the best handling hot-hatches ever made (as per his quote).Having owned a 205 GTI 1.6 and now running the 106 GTI all I can say is that the VTS is based on the 106 in every shape as PUG&CITREON are one company!!! What came first the 106 GTI then the VTS.Don't get me wrong both fantastic cars to drive, but as all french cars, poor build quality! The 106 gti is the closest thing to the GOD like 205 GTI for handling and power and therefore is why I drive this car now! Thinking of an 182 sport next!!

23rd Feb 2006, 03:09

Try racing an rs turbo that will leave a saxo when in mint condition.

6th Oct 2006, 14:10

No way would an RS Turbo beat a VT'S if both were standard