2002 Citroen Saxo Desire 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Not bad for a first car, wouldn't buy another though


Clutch failed, water pump and timing belt changed, entire exhaust system replaced, also a bit heavy on brakes. Just mostly wear and tear as the miles went on.

I kept the car serviced on time, no major engine trouble. Interior plastics broke easily, very cheap material.

General Comments:

My first car got me through my youth and student years.

The Citroen Saxo is not a car to Desire as the spec suggests, it was a fairly basic model. Go for the VTS or VTR if you want fun.

1.1 petrol was not fast, but did over 40 mpg.

Ride was smooth but a little bit noisy if you go above 50 mph.

Nice looking car, was the updated shape. All in all it was a decent hatchback and ideal first car, nothing really bad about it, nothing really great either. Just felt a bit cheap. Insurance was cheap and repair and running costs were reasonable, which is all that mattered at the time. Sold it in 2015 at 13 years old and over 100K on it, so it was a durable enough car also.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2022

2002 Citroen Saxo Furio 1.4i 8 valve from UK and Ireland


Very fun reliable car, that takes some abuse without flinching!


Nothing other than normal wearing parts.

Back box (£72) late 2017, due to the silly way it's hung on rubbers. Always liable to leap off rubbers and sit snuggly against the inner side of the rear tyre. Damaged a joint in the process.

New box on and fitted a tiny motorbike fuel clip to prevent it slipping off the rubber... worked a treat!

Mid exhaust section (£45) a year later and the rear brakes/drums (£90) were shot.

Roof paint peeled. Rub down and basic DIY respray to seal it. Bonnet now doing the same, but it depends on the cost of its almost due MOT.

A few things rattling front end, lord knows what. Looked and saw nothing. Wheels to come off soon for a deeper look.

Clutch has supposedly been wearing out the last 2.5 years, but no difference, still works fairly well. May adjust nut, to use the last 10%.

Weird problem with the rear wash/wipe. Not solvable unless I take the steering apart and replace the stalk... no thanks! Did a DIY cowboy job and with a joint, put both water pipes onto one port. It works, so that I can at least wash the rear now!

General Comments:

It's been fun, fun fun!

The best little cornering car I've driven. Has the 185 alloys on it!

Love leaving much newer Fiestas etc behind on tighter corners and roundabouts!

The cheap Chinese sport tyres perform very well in the dry and are slow to wear!

I've driven over bricks etc, drive over around 40 nasty unavoidable potholes daily, and the tyres and suspension just seem to take it all!

I get around nearly 40mpg or over 45 when in a tamer mood. 55mph seems the sweet spot for economy in 5th gear.

So it's only 75bhp, but 3rd gear is a real surprise! I always get an idiot 4x4 4 feet off my rear bumper. A quick change down to 3rd on a 30mph onto a 60mph road, redline revs time and the 4x4 is a distant blurry dot in my mirror!

The engine is almost the best thing about this car, being totally reliable and seems very well protected against the worst weather. Huge puddles are no problem!

There is an afterthought alarm that Citroen added after building these cars. Previous owner said they hadn't ever used it the 5 years they had the car, so I took that as a dead alarm. It's an old Bullfrog(?) one that supposedly never lasted! Tried a battery in the fob and the alarm works really well, at 17 years old!

The cabin is fairly basic. Electric windows and a driver's airbag are the only extras apart from a neat winding sunroof.

After a year I fitted a £70 Sony radio/USB Bluetooth setup. Works quite nicely, but the front speakers are iffy. So set it mainly to the rear and it sounds quite good! Gets rid of an ugly hole and the display is a nice red.

Fitted Chinese LED sidelights, about 100% brighter than standard ones. Did the number plate too. Fitted 90% brighter headlight bulbs as the standard ones were just not safe at night!

The general ride is quite good for a small car and seats are fine on longer drives.

I had a Corsa B 1.2i before this car which was fine, but on performance, was no match for this Saxo Furio!

Am noticing that things are getting worn out, like electric windows mechs are not far from breaking... things like that. So putting in for 1 more MOT, but am also looking at car finance and cars that are 10 years newer... just in case!!!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2019