2002 Citroen Saxo Furio 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Very good for the price looks gorgeous

General Comments:

The 1.4i engine is quick and handles like it's a dream.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

2002 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A high performance value for money car


I have only had the car 2 weeks and so far everything seems to be fine.

General Comments:

I find the seating position comfortable, as I am 5' 8" and only size 9 feet so I don't really have the problem of being too cramped. I do however sometimes find my head hitting the roof if I pull myself up in my chair.

I have filled up the tank to full and have had 4oo miles on a tank and still no fuel warning light, I'm impressed!

Great smooth gearbox, also quick through the gears even though still running it in.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

2002 Citroen Saxo VTS 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


A boy racer's shiny dream


I have only had the car for three weeks, but the driver window has a nasty rattle when it is wound down.

General Comments:

What a car! This car feels like it is glued to the road, coming up to a corner, ease off and then apply some right foot into the corner and everything sticks!

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002

1st Oct 2002, 18:07

Your comments re road holding equally apply to my AX (on which design the Saxo is based).

Although my AX is a 1.5 diesel so not a very fast accelerator, after a series of bends I leave much faster and more expensive cars well behind.

8th Oct 2002, 09:19

Hi Again, the original author here.

Public health Warning - Be wary of he seat locking mechanism.

I found a small nut under the driver seat, which looks like it has detached itself from the locking mechanism for the sliding seat. Fortunately the problem seems to have gone away, but under heavy braking the seat slides forward squashing unsuspecting agains the steering wheel.

You have been warned check your seats before doing and brake testing!

2002 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A sexy sporty beast


The only problem I've had with the car is the mud flaps. The garage fitted ones had to be taken off, as they rubbed going round corners, and when hitting bumps.

Apart from that, the car runs like a dream.

General Comments:

The car is great, no wonder it's sold more than any other small hatch. It's quick off the mark and pulls in high revs, even though it's only an 8 valve.

It's quicker than my mates Fiesta Zetec 1.6, and leaves most other small cars for dead.

The inside grows on you, and is plain, yet looks great.

The seats are good, although being 6 foot 2, there is little head room. People complain about the pedal position, although I got used to it and don't even notice now.

I love the look of the car, and there are many performance parts available, should anyone want them.

For £9500, it's very good for the money. Compare it to all the other cars you can get for the money.

When parts do run out, they are bound to be cheap, as there's so many of us Saxo lovers out there.

It's not German build quality or the many gadgets of Japanese cars, but for the cash, it's the best car I could imagine driving.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2002

28th Aug 2002, 03:14

Your mate's 1.6 Fiesta, if this is the Zetec-S, you really are ridiculous for even comparing the VTR with it. Ever watched Top Gear GTi, track comparison with a VTS, SRi 1.8 & Zetec-S, Quote "Citroen say the Saxo is Britain's best selling hot hatch; against the Fiesta it's hard to see why", and that was the VTS.

2002 Citroen Saxo desire 3 dr 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Economy, reliability and good looks!


Air bag light come on after 23 miles.

Bad brake squeak after 344 miles.

Heated rear window faulted after 1000 miles.

General Comments:

Generally very happy with car, hope the above are just teething problems.

Excellent miles per gallon, excellent performance for a small engine, cheap insurance what more can you want for £6500!!!

Keep up the good work Springfield Darlington!

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Review Date: 15th May, 2002

2002 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i 8v from UK and Ireland


A rapid motor at low cost built for thrashing (After all it is French ;-) )


Central locking remote needed to be re-programmed.

Doors seem to be hung incorrectly.

General Comments:

This car impressed me from day1, I was either going to get this car ( Saxo VTR ) or my original decision of a ( Focus 1.8i Zetec )

I chose the saxo because it boasted quicker 0-60 times and better fuel economy, always something to think of when your 18 :)

This car is very quick for its size, its rigidity is astonishing.

The dashboard in my opinion is a bit dull and needs updating, but this I can live with when weighed up against the performance of this machine.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

7th Jul 2002, 12:21

If you think the performance of the VTR is good - try and get a shot of a VTS. I've got one and it is unbelievable!!!

Excellent cars though!

15th Jul 2005, 16:14

Lol they aint quick.

7th Oct 2005, 02:02

I Agree there not a 'Quick' car, but compare them to anything else the same bhp and size there pretty much as the top.

31st Jan 2008, 06:35

Come on, the Focus does handle better, and if you want a quick hatchback, get one from the people who started it all off. Get the new Fiesta ST 150...

31st Jan 2008, 13:41

I like the Fiesta ST's, but they arn't that much quicker than the VTS's. They are a lot more expensive though. I don't have either of these cars, but if I had to choose id go for the VTS simply because of the price. I could live with the image and the possibility of things going wrong.