4th Jul 2005, 08:04

The head gasket, radiator and thermostat have all gone at the same time. The car used to run very well, cruise down the motorway easily. The car has good extra's including the VTS/VTR seats, power-steering, electric windows, sun-roof. Its costing me nearly £400 to fix.

9th Oct 2006, 08:05

I bought a second hand saxo from the auctions, I was told about the problems which were;

New Radiator needed

Power steering gone

Sunroof leak (Hate it)

Breaks are loud

And I skid round corners (Like Tokyo drift :D)

The car handles fairly well and is very nippy for a 1.1i, I only paid £500 plus new radiator £100 so £600 which was a deal I pay cheap insurance £1200 because I am a student and graduate, My next move will be to get a new sunroof, but all comes in time. Oh forgot to mention the original speakers are really good.

Rating 8/10.


1st car - Great

When it breaks down prepare to give a lot of cash out and watch for that dripping water :D.

20th Jul 2009, 11:11

Great info thanks, had my P reg Saxo 1.4 VSX for 3 months & it`s just started to cut out at junctions, so I`m going to look at those wires ASAP...

BTW my power steering pump works great on a warm day, sadly it`s not always warm here, but still drives easily enough either way!

20th Jul 2009, 15:20

Even the newer Saxo's suffer with the leaks. My sister's 52 reg Saxo Desire was leaking through the interior light.

I am surprised the MK1 Saxo's are suffering with problems, as when my brother had his 1st car, a Saxo 1.6i SX Auto in 1997, it was like a tank, rock solid it was. Only fault he had in the 3 years he had it was that brake fluid leaked out. He did over 50,000 miles in the 3 years.

His 2nd Saxo a MK2 1.4i SX Auto suffered with problems. New gearbox after 2 years due to oil leaking into the box, ignition coil packed up resulting in no power steering and couldn't switch off the engine. And the thermostat had gone just after the MOT which was done 2 months early due to it being a Motability car. Lucky really as it failed on suspension and gearbox, as reverse gear was making a noise even though it had a new gearbox earlier the same year, and the driver's seat needed wielding all within 51,000 miles.

But saying that, my brother have had 2 C3s since and they had problems. He's on his 3rd and it's been running fine.

My Sisters Saxo was a great car for the time she had it. She bought it with 18,500 on it, and when she part ex'd it in, it was on 80,000 and only fair wear tear items needed doing within those miles.

I am Citroen mad. I've owned 2 myself. A 2005 C3 1.6i 16v Exclusive SensoDrive and now a 2008 C2 1.6i 16v VTR SensoDrive.

I am fond of the Saxo though, as it was the car that made me a Citroen fan.

15th Apr 2010, 09:52

I have just bought a 1997 Saxo 1.4 VSX and found problems with the "interior shower" too. However, a bit of silicone has sorted that, and apart from having to clean the interior, I have just completed a months worth of pretty pain free motoring.

It is very nippy - more so than with my previous car, which had a much bigger engine, and is fun to drive and easy to park.

The insurance is very cheap, although the road tax is a bit more expensive cos of the engine size.

I have never bought a French car before, but will definitely look at buying another. Very pleasantly surprised, and have had an overall good experience.