1997 Citroen Saxo 1.1i from UK and Ireland


Great little runaround intended just for a first car, but I won't part with it until I have to


Driver's door catch sometimes freezes in winter.

Rear passenger side brake sometimes freezes on in winter.

Fan belt squeals in low temperatures (I've replaced it, and the new one still does it).

The boot catch is temperamental; it sometimes takes a bit of jiggling to get it open.

Exhaust fell off twice (separated at the front, just underneath the engine).

General Comments:

Despite the small engine size, the car has decent acceleration, especially when gear ratios are used well. The small engine size also means it's fairly cheap to run, and combined with its age, it is also reasonably cheap to insure.

Inside it's small, but comfortably fits four adults (or, less comfortably, five adults can manage) and being a hatchback, the boot is large enough to carry all manner of things. It's also quite comfortable, handles fairly well, and doesn't have much problem driving on ice or snow.

Great features include:

- No central locking (less to go wrong).

- Fuel cap requires the key to open it (no doubt about whether it's been locked after fueling).

- Front two doors have to be locked either from the inside or with the key (dramatically reduces the chance of locking the keys in).

- Brilliant visibility.

- Manually adjustable wing mirrors (can be adjusted to suit perfectly).

In 3 1/2 years of owning the car, very little has needed to be replaced or repaired, and usually only then due to general wear and tear (such as brake pads, windscreen wiper rubber). I've read several reviews from people who were ticked off about their Saxos pretty much falling apart, but mine has been very reliable - even when the exhaust fell off twice, it was simple to repair. I am slightly pleasantly surprised at how decent my car has been so far, especially as I drive mostly country roads with potholes and hills, but it has served me very well so far, and I hope it continues to do so.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2012

1997 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Quick, comfortable and stylish! What more could you want?


Drivers door hinge was damaged.

Front left speaker had blown.

Gearbox is quite difficult to get into gear.

Car makes a rattling noise when the clutch is unpressed and the gearstick is set to neutral.

Small space in the back.

Pedals are too close to each other; every time I go to brake, I also rev the engine.

General Comments:

Most of the issues that were wrong with the car, I have now fixed.

The only issue still going on is the rattling noise with the clutch. I have been told replacing the clutch will remove this annoying noise, but yet to find out if this is true!

This is my first car, so for me it's pretty quick! I love moving off from junctions at a quick pace, and as the owner before me kindly installed an air induction kit, it also sounds quite nice!

This car's handling is extremely good, and has an eye appealing look to people like myself (18 years of age), as it has a sporty look to it.

As I said earlier, this is my first car and insurance is £1000 for fully comp! That's pretty cheap, especially as this has a 1.6 litre engine!

Overall, I find this car to be an awesome drive for wherever I'm going, as it's quick, comfortable and stylish. If it were stolen, I would quite happily buy another!

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Review Date: 8th June, 2008

1997 Citroen Saxo S 1.1 litre Inline Cylinder OHC Fuel Injection from UK and Ireland


Great little car - Wants for nothing


Hazard warning light relay on the way out.

Flat spot mid rev range; Should point out, that car is due a service and has in the past been run short distances on crap fuel.

Exhaust catalyser failed at around 100000 miles.

Clutch biting point has become high despite adjustment - clutch still works fine with no slipping.

2nd gear syncromesh is starting to go, making the box grind into gear when hurried; a result of the dodgy clutch.

New driveshaft due to dry CV joint from a split boot.

General Comments:

My girlfriend's car, and what a great little bit of kit. It really wants for nothing.

Despite the abuse we give, it never complains. Getting a little tired now, but gets a hard time from my other half.

I won't harp on about the performance being a 1.1 liter, but it'll do 100 k/h when pushed, and acceleration is fine if not amazing. Lovely little chassis with great handling. No power steering makes it heavy at low speeds, but it digs in, grips well and has never caught me out. Brakes are pretty poor, but again, being a small town car they are fine for the job.

It always starts on the button, and despite the flat spot, runs well. Fuel economy is amazing and I know some diesels that can't match it for frugality.

It is fairly comfy, but being a basic 'S', it doesn't have many creature comforts. Again, something I don't really care about.

Reliability is fabulous and anyone who thinks Citroen are badly made is mistaken. No rust whatsoever (show me a Fiesta of the same age that isn't rusty), and the super tough little engine just runs and runs. The only money was spent last year on the MOT which cost £450 - expensive, but that included a new headlight, tires, drive shaft and discs and pads - not bad for 5 years of ownership.

Would make a great first car due to the tidy handling, low running cost and cheap insurance. Alternatively, a great little winter commuter for instance when the super-bike is tucked away.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2008