1997 Citroen Saxo VTS 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Neat hot hatch


Front wheel arch trim came off after only a few months.

Radiator had to be replaced after only a few hundred miles.

Catalytic convertor failed, causing a total loss of performance and proved very expensive to replace.

General Comments:

Excellent performance and handling - corners like it is on rails.

Car has tendency to understeer in wet weather.

Comfortable interior, although Citroen should have fitted electric sunroof and air conditioning as standard with this model.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

1997 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


A pin-sharp handler


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

This car handles superbly. Pin-sharp steering gives the perfect balance between feedback and light effort. First and second gear acceleration is excellent, good torque and loads of grip. Goes round big roundabouts like it's on rails.

A bit hairy braking hard from high speed on a bumpy road, but the chassis gathers itself up very well. This is a car guaranteed to make you smile.

I was never going to buy a Citroen but the build quality isn't as bad as some people might say and the car has lots of well designed touches.

The looks are fantastic, I love them. This is what a hot hatch should look like! Not too extreme but sporty at the same time.

Admittedly I have only had this car 2 weeks, so I cannot comment on reliability, but it is wise to wait for one with low mileage and one lady owner like mine, as I know it has not be thrashed.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2001

1997 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


A cheap car, with cheap build quality, cheap dealer service to match. The company is run by monkeys!


Gearbox went after 36,000 miles, should have been covered by the warranty, Citroen took the box out, stripped it, then said that the damage wasn't covered by their warranty as the car hadn't been into have its 36000 mile service, so we had a big arguament with them, because:

A. It took ages to book the car in.

B. By the time it was in, the mileage had gone up.

C. When it went in the first time (34,000 miles) they couldnt spot the problem, even though I had pointed out to them what it was!!!

The damage was 3 bearings had gone in the gearbox, and the clutch had gone completely, rendering my car undriveable!

So I got a private local firm to deal with the repairs, and it's now being fixed by them.

Citroen on the other hand are now dealing with our solicitors as we want them to pay for a problem they failed to spot in the first place, even though we told them what the problem was.

Other problems are:

* Radio was broken when the car was bought.

* Wiring for the radio was damaged.

* Car has nasty noises coming from it.

* Oil filter went 1 week after buying it.

* Spark plugs needed replacing 2000 miles after buying the car.

* Seat runners didn't lock into place properly.

* ECU was damanged and the car revved on its own for no reason, dealer couldnt spot this either!

The level of service from Citroen is appalling, its unbelievably bad.

The staff are rude, and try to tell you you know nothing about cars and leave them to deal with it... even though I'm a mechanic of 25 years history, and their mechanics have got about 3 years max!

A courtesy car wasn't supplied because they didn't have one in to give to me!

They never call you to let you know what's happening with the car, it is always you who have to call them!

The mechanics treat your car like a go-kart, I followed a mechanic driving someone's car out of the workshop for a "test drive" only to see him almost crash straight into a brand new car that had just arrived!!!

Do they have licenses there???!!!

Do not whatever you do buy a Citroen, they are cheaply made, the service is poor and they are the ugliest cars on the roads!!! - (with the exeption of the Saxo).

Buy something British or Japanese, the quality and service are much better.

A Rover 25 is going to be my next car...

General Comments:

Citroens are rubbish, the car never goes right since I've had it!

Saying that, the performance and looks of the Saxo only are very good, although 90 bhp from a 1.6 engine is poor!

Handling is the best in its class, but as for anything like parts and repairs and warranty... don't even get me started!

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Review Date: 8th June, 2001

12th Jun 2001, 15:53

Citroen have a major problem with their workshops, but, they probably will ignore it.

I totally share your view on Citroen dealer skills: it is crap (I live in Belgium). You have to stand next to the mechanic to tell him how to service it when there is a problem (I am a mechanical engineer myself so they can't fool me).

I bought a secondhand AX Diesel (a brilliant and very economic car now that I sorted it) from a main dealer and the number of faults I found after delivery is unbelievable. They then try to escape from putting it right.

I fully support your views on the styling of recent Citroens too, except the Saxo. The latest large saloon was advertised in Holland as having 58 (?) or 78 (?) sensors. To me that means 58 or 78 things to go wrong. And knowing the skills and "professionalism" of Citroen mechanics, I pity those who are courageous enough to buy it.