22nd Sep 2002, 04:50

The official max speed given by Citroen itself is 127mph, this speed was set on a circuit (on which it is easier to get a higher speed then on a normal road) so why would your car go any faster? It probably says 140 on your meter, but it just won't run any faster then a 127.

19th Sep 2005, 10:41

I've had my 2003 VTS upto just over 130mph and it's just standard. The one thing that scared the life out of me was aquaplaning at 90mph on the motorway in heavy rain on the M1. So if you buy one, I wouldn't advise it, I would imagine it's due to the fact that the car is light that this occurred.

I've had it 3 weeks and love it to bits, the handling is first class after previously owning an MGTF 160, it's not as torquey, but just as fun to drive.


6th Oct 2006, 15:54

I had 125 out of my mk2 VTR. Might have gone more, but it was pretty much flat out. I wasn't expecting it to do that speed, thought maybe 120.

6th Oct 2006, 17:12

The top speed of a VTS is 128 MPH or there abouts, fast for a 1.6 N/A, So there's no need to stretch the truth and say 144 MPH.

31st Dec 2006, 16:27

I totally I agree my cousin has a vts and we both love it, but at 125 the engine really is done unless your going down hill, but that doesn't really count. like I said I love this car and I would love to tell you it does 145 and is better than any other car but why tell lies? Its fun to drive, but honestly its not as quick as you think. My pride was hurt so bad when i had a job to shift a 2.0 focus from my rear view. dont get me wrong i was quicker but only just and at 100 maybe 110 he just blew buy :(

10th Jan 2007, 09:55

My vts is a rocket only has a filter and vtr gearbox it does 130 in 4th and would keep pulling in 5th, but I have never beat a VR6.

10th Jan 2007, 14:58

I got 110 out of my VTR in 4th. Guess with the extra 1000rpm the VTS offers you could reach 130, don't think the gearbox would be pleased though lol. How fast is a standard VTS in 4th?