1997 Citroen Xantia VSX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Comfortable and reliable


Wiper motor ball joint -220000 miles

Alternator bearing rumble- 225000 miles.

General Comments:

A very good car to have, not to be bought if you go to a main dealer because even they do not know what they are doing half the time and you end up paying through the nose.

Not to be bought if you do not comprehend how the car functions, there is nothing worse than listening to someone whine on how the car leaks, its heavy on front tyres or the suspension is hard.

It's a very easy car to work on and so simple to fix and a car that will last for ages providing you service it properly and know what you are doing.

It it very comfortable, best car is a turbo diesel estate vsx with leather interior.

The ride is very comfortable and the engines long lasting, I would recommend the xantia to anyone that has more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

1997 Citroen Xantia LX 1.8i 8v from UK and Ireland


Big, Comfortable, but can be unreliable at times, depending on age... Good family wagon


Clutch ceased shortly after purchase.

Had 4 or 5 new clips and a new cable put on as a result.

Niggling Electrical Faults, like Bitron Sensor telling the car it's overheating when it isn't, and the Air Bag light flashing sporadically. Also, the cabin blowers (heaters) have died.

General Comments:

Despite the faults (which could be expected on an old car) have only praise for this thing, much better than the Fiesta for all, but running costs.

Handling seems decent, and for a 1.8 it goes quite well.

Inside, its comfortable for 4 adults, and bearable with 5.

Clutch cables are notorious on these, as Citroen put a plastic clip on the linkage. There is a company that do metal clips so if yours keeps breaking, this is a good option.

Boot space is immense (i have the estate), and the rear seat fold flat for about 1600 litres of space (practically a van).

Suspension gives one of the best rides I've even seen in terms of comfort, although mine creaks oddly when it levels itself.

Here in the UK it costs about £50 - £55 to fill up (65 litre tank) and I can get 300 - 350 miles out of it with 95RON.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

5th May 2005, 01:26

The plastic clip is the bain of my life - which company offers metal clips??

2nd Sep 2006, 11:08

Had a '97 Xantia for about three years, and it's one of the best cars I ever owned. The only trouble I ever had was the hydraulics leaking, but that was my fault because I KNEW that the time had come for the lines to be changed, and I delayed.

Wonderful car - excellent ride, handling and power.

1997 Citroen Xantia LXI 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Cheap car with good power and very comfy


Rear Sphere had to be replaced at a cost of £70 in total.

Oil leak.

General Comments:

Very comfy car and quiet inside.

Rear seats have massive amounts of room, as does the boot.

Suspension is very good on all surfaces, only thing it does lack is any feeling through the steering wheel, however, it can be pushed and when it is it doesn't feel as if it wants to slide.

Fuel gauge seems to stay at 1/4 then drop quickly.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2005

1997 Citroen Xantia SD 1.9td from Bulgaria


Close to perfect


Exhaust gases penetrate into the cabin.

It seems the EGR assembly has gone wrong.

Or the luggage compartment sealing band has worn out.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car.

The rearward visibility however is awful.

The front wiper sends water into the cabin.

I just wonder what exactly SD means - if Soft Diesel, as suggested, what is Soft Diesel itself?

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Review Date: 10th October, 2004

1997 Citroen Xantia 2.0i 8v from Malaysia




The front fog lamp is a major pain to put in place.

Right front link rod failed at 110,000km.

Right front brake unit jammed up, had to change a brand new unit. It caused a bent brake disc, had to get a new set of disc brake.

General Comments:

The car has a very comfortable ride. It is the very first European made car I've owned. Certainly more comfortable than a year 2000 Proton Wire 5 door hatchback 1.5L.

15" standard rim adds weight to the car, the vehicle is stable when cruising on the freeway.

The car feels absolutely safe on the road. It gives me a secure feeling when I'm on the move.

Back seat is the best seat!!

Engine is noisy to say the least; However noise insulation is relatively good.

I wish the automatic transmission is smoother.

The steering wheel is a little disappointing, it feels lifeless!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2004