1993 Citroen XM SE Estate 2.1TD from UK and Ireland


Huge, comfy, economical load lugger


Uses a lot of LHM fluid due to system leaks, just keep topping it up!

Engine a little rattly, oil and filter change helped, no loss of compression or blue smoke even at this mileage!

Turbo noisy, but still gives a lot of urge for such a big car.

A few blown bulbs, but other than that everything works!

General Comments:

Cavernous load lugger that is surprisingly quick and economical, with 40+ mpg regularly achieved; 650 miles from a tankfull.

Sport setting gives impressive handling; B roads as much fun as Motorways. Self levelling suspension still good after all these years, drive one and see! Citroen solved more problems than they created with Hydractive suspension.

A lot of car for your money if you buy wisely. Cheap now and unloved by the trade so most are private sales. Don't pay more than a grand for a pristine full service history sub 100000 mile late model. Most though, under £500!

Underserved bad reputation, mostly for electrical problems, which depending on how much you pay can be mostly ignored or fixed relatively easily. Computer often blamed but not the main culprit; bad connections and corrosion in electrical joints main things to check!

Diesel Estate is the car to have for work and play. Double bed sized load area. 2.1td good, 2.5td better. Petrols good but not first choice at 98p a litre!

Excells as a tow car.

Body galvanised, but can rust badly in floor near jacking points and in chassis rails near mounting points for rear suspension; difficult and expensive to repair!

Armchair like seats both supportive and comfy. Easy to get a good driving position in.

Regular servicing of hydractive system will pay dividends. Engines and manual gearboxes tough and reliable if not abused too much. Avoid automatic unless it is reconditioned with bills. V6 not exceptional enough to consider though not to uneconomical, it is a bit complex. If you have too, get the manual version!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2006

1993 Citroen XM 2.0 injection from Bulgaria


Keyword:appealing comfort


Just a few minor problems with the electronics in charge of the air conditioner and a faulty ABS light indicator on the dashboard. Everything else works perfect when handled and serviced properly. It is not that economical I expected. With that kind of relatively small engine-2000cm2 and 120hp it burns 9 to 10 litters of enriched A98, and that is for the mixed cycle. Turbo diesel engines are the better choice for sure.

General Comments:

Though some people find it ugly, I tend to think that it was a pretty original exterior decision. It even proves to be beautiful from particular angles. The key word is comfort. This car has enough of it. In my humble opinion it can well compete with the magnificent Mercedes Benz W124. Of course the price is far lower than that of a MB W124 or a BMW 5 series and it can offer the passengers the same level of luxury-well working air conditioning system, high quality leather seats and more than enough space. A very nice, but unfortunately technically elaborate car. The latter is probably the reason for which the "XM" is not very popular and therefore cheap.. Once you buy it, you cannot expect that you can get the same amount of money for it in let's say 6 months, which is a relatively short period in the automotive industry.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2005

1993 Citroen XM Si Turbo Estate 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


A really great car


Front suspension units were replaced at 56000 miles

Door retaining pin replaced at 76000 miles.

General Comments:

Faults Auto 4th gear engages at 46 mph.

Hard to judge parking distances.

This is a magnificent car, nothing breaks, everything works, is comfortable, fast, and the biggest load carrier on the market. It will be difficult to replace.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2003