1999 Citroen XM Turbo CT VSX 2.0 turbo petrol from Sweden


Road cruiser spaceship!!!!!


A lot of rattles from dashboard and safety belt holder.

Glass cover for the speedometer suddenly broke when I was driving (?????!!!!)

Seat heater out of order on the driver's side.

Glovebox cover between the seats broke down.

Plastic cover for the startcode broke down.

The local dealer took care of all this without any costs, there is a three year guarantee for all Citroën vehicles in Sweden, which is good.

Except for these small faults the car is running very, very well.

General Comments:

A really comfortable car with a lot of equipment as a standard.

Cheap service costs and good mechanics at the local dealer, you are always welcome if something goes wrong - even on the same day if needed.

It's a pity that they stopped producing the XM. Some more modern engines and better materials for the dashboard (without all the rattles), could keep this range on the market for many years to come. Very nice design.

It does not use as much petrol as I expected (7,4l/100 km) on a longer journey.

Very good sound from the stereo, which includes both cassette and CD-changer.

Sunroof still available, which many manufactors do not offer anymore, at least not for the Swedish market - this is a great option that I like very much!

I hope that the new C5 is at least as good as the XM on the road, but it's not a real Citroën when you look at it. I said that when the XM replaced the CX too in 1989, but let's forget about that for now!! :-))

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Review Date: 30th December, 2000

21st Aug 2001, 06:28

I have recently bought a 1997 2000 VSX CT Turbo to replace my 1994 2000 SX (non turbo) (150000 miles on the clock). On the old car I had the broken ignition keypad cover and central storage box cover broken. They seem a bit flimsy. Otherwise in 70000 miles of motoring with the SX I had nothing really wrong (apart from standard service items, exhaust, brakes etc.) It was serviced every 6000 miles. When I sold it the hydraulic tappets could have done with being replaced, but it still ran very well. The 'new' VSX seems much smoother and more responsive, with so far nothing having gone wrong.

I believe XMs are very underrated, and represent terrific value as used cars.

28th May 2006, 01:38

Well, I bought the car when it was new, and I was also the one that wrote the comments in the first place. Now the car has 142000 km on the clock, and I still own the car. It looks as new and I just want to add that I never will sell the car as I love it more and more every day. Not many things have gone wrong with the car. The windscreen-wiper-engine had to be changed though. But that was a mistake made by myself, since I didn´t know that the wipers was frozen one morning. It looked like raindrops, so I pulled the handle. But the wipers was frozen on to the windscreen... and the wiper engine broke down.

On the right front-door the central locking-motor also had to be replaced.

Apart from those things only service has been done on the car. I have had to change brake pads and some other things, but you have to do that on any car.

I will keep it forever. And in future, maybe I will pop in here to write some more, when I have more miles on the clock.

14th Nov 2009, 10:41

Now it has 210000 km on the clock, and I still love it.

28th Nov 2009, 16:05

I have had four Citroen XMs. I love them. I have just got number five. Robert Sheriston.

17th Jun 2012, 09:34

250000 kilometers now... almost fourteen years old :-)

27th Nov 2018, 21:49

And then?